Huawei Announces New Smart Home Devices and Upgrades in Spring Conference – EqualOcean

On March 15, Huawei announced in its spring conference that the company is going to launch a series of smart home new products.

China’s telecom giant Huawei hosted its 2022 spring conference regarding whole-house solution at new products.  Among the release, Huawei unveiled new designs of house smart devices, including WiFi cable, smart door locks, smart portable speaker Sound Joy, and different color swatches for the P50, nova 9 SE, MatePad Paper, Watch 3, and FreeBuds 4E.

The main theme of Huawei’s spring conference focuses on the concept of whole-house intelligence when the company also disclosed its expectation to upgrade the whole-house smart host SE. The company has identified the “1+2+N” strategy that realized a full connection of smart house devices within each household.

Some primary features of the whole house smart host SE include a security senor interface, a property intercom system interface, and an interactive panel interface to cope with various household scenarios in a real-life setting.

Huawei has a forward-looking strategy of enhancing interactions between people and products in order to elevate user experience and effectiveness in applications. By allowing users to control intelligent central system, Huawei’s whole house smart intelligence also facilitates a smooth operating experience for consumers.

To divide into different subsystems, Huawei’s whole-house intelligent ecology also has been fully upgraded to accommodate various spaces. Functions, including security, lighting, audio-visual entertainment, heating, and other home appliances are featured in the ecology, which provide well-rounded service categories for family users.

In the future, Huawei disclosed that the company will also apply millimeter-wave human presence sensors in the whole-house intelligence to allow devices to track human motions. In this case, this new technology can enhance the security level and accelerate autonomous applications in different life scenarios.



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