Insteon Users Can Save 50% on Shelly Smart Home Products – Review Geek


After the sudden shutdown of Insteon, thousands of smart home owners are now left with useless, bricked devices. But hey, maybe that’s not such a bad thing, because Shelly is now offering a 50% discount on orders made by former Insteon users—that’s a 50% discount for your entire cart, not just one item.

Shelly is an interesting smart home brand. Most of its products are smart converters, which add all of your favorite smart features (plus other cool stuff, like metering) to existing lighting or appliances. Products like the Shelly 1 aren’t just for adding smarts to your lighting; they can also turn your garage door, electric fireplace, irrigation system, or espresso machine into a smart device.

For those who’d prefer a more plug-and-play smart home setup, Shelly also sells smart bulbs, motion sensors, smart plugs, smart smoke detectors, and smart buttons. (I still suggest buying a device like the Shelly 1, which can add smarts to just about any device, light, or appliance.)

Now, Shelly devices are unique in that they don’t require cloud connectivity. You can control everything locally. If Shelly went out of business, all the smart products you purchased from the manufacturer would continue to work. (I should also clarify that Shelly devices work with Google Assistant and Alexa.)

If you’re worried about installation, stop worrying. Shelly devices are easy to set up and install, so long as you know how to follow directions. That said, you will need to touch some wires if you buy a Shelly smart converter. Those who aren’t excited about wires should probably stick with the plug-and-play products.

This deal is only available to Insteon users, by the way. You need to fill out a form and take a picture of your Insteon Hub serial number to get the 50% coupon from Shelly. This coupon expires June 30th, so I suggest looking into Shelly products now to decide what’s worth ordering.



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