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IOT is basically a newly formed technology which is entangled with our lives in multiple ways and the amalgamation of IoT with 3D printing can make several parts of our lives easier and simpler. The combination of additive manufacturing with IoT has so much potential that it can create dynamic technical products which would take human activities to some other level.

What is an IoT?

IoT works on the concept of working on shared data. In this process two devices are connected, and this connection can be formed using sensors, electronic parts, electronic gadgets, software etc. With the help of an IoT data can be shared between two objects/devices without any human involvement. The multi-dynamic working abilities of IoT has grabbed a lot of attention and it is believed that over the next few years it is going to be used for over 2.5 billion devices.

Why look at the IoT and 3D printing together?

3D Printing is becoming increasingly popular in the automotive, electronics, and healthcare industries, to name a few, and the IoT can play an important role in ensuring quality control by connecting big data analytics to online 3D printing services through the strategic use of embedded sensors.

The IoT involves a constantly growing number of sensors and devices gathering every possible bit of data about human behavior and interaction and allowing businesses to gather information about how their products behave and use it to understand and predict future behaviors.

By placing sensors to collect and analyze manufacturing information to detect production problems in real time, the technology can identify factors such as temperature and structural integrity that help improve the quality of output coming from the manufacturing floor. This is something that is already being applied by many companies in the aerospace industry.

Combining the two revolutions – digital manufacturing and big data – is starting to equip a multitude of industries with tools that can revolutionize the way processes are monitored, analyzed, and improved to enhance the quality of products.

What can IoT do for Additive Manufacturing?

3D printing is at a place where it is deeply involved with various industries. More companies are starting to see the power that online 3D printing service allows and have started creating 3D printers that are IoT compatible. The same attributes that our widely known smart devices possess are being integrated into these new smart 3D printers and smart factories.

Here are a few use cases.

Greatly increased access to data for improving efficiency in factories

There is an immense amount of data that is gathered from smart devices. Applications can track usage statistics to make a user’s experience better like notifying a user about demand. This can reduce overall costs or assist with the management of inventory. This can even be expanded into supply chain management since a user would be able to adjust overall distribution based on weather conditions, driver availability, or time of the year.

Security in the production process and data itself

Having IoT enabled 3D printers and smart factories allows for preventative maintenance. The sensors in the machines can notify a user when a part on the line is not up to standard which …….



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