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Amazon has a vast array of smart speakers and other home devices. There are many ways to get Amazon’s virtual assistant into your home, and the list of these Alexa-enabled devices continues to keep growing. If you haven’t been paying attention to Amazon’s ever-evolving lineup of Echo devices, then the Echo Sub may have flown under your radar. I don’t necessarily blame you for letting this one slide because it’s different from other Echo speakers out there.

The real question, however, is if the Echo Sub is worth buying? What is it like using one with other Echo speakers? As much as I like using my Echo Sub on almost a daily basis along with my other Echo speakers, I can’t recommend it to someone in 2022. Here are some reasons why I think you’re better off buying something like the Echo Studio over the Echo Sub:

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Bring your own Echo, please

The Echo Sub, for those that don’t know, isn’t a standalone speaker. As such, it’s got no brains, no wired inputs, or even a microphone. It’s designed to be used with other Echo speakers only. It seemed pretty good back in 2018 when the Echo Sub was released because it was one of the easiest ways to add more bass to your existing audio setup. The idea of spending $130 on a “dumb” accessory in 2022, however, seems unnecessary, especially with the options like Echo Studio that can do a lot more than just adding more bass to your existing audio setup.

    Amazon is currently offering bundles of the Echo Sub which includes either two Echo Dot or two regular Echo speakers for a complete setup.

The $130 price tag seems palatable when you compare it with some other premium speakers out there but it’s worth noting that you cannot use the Sub by itself to listen to music or talk to Alexa and automate your smart home accessories like you would with some other Echo speakers. This means you have to spend at least another $40 on an Echo Dot speaker to get it up and running. Yes, it’s still relatively cheaper but the Echo Studio can do so much more minus all the frustrating limitations of the Sub, like the ones you’ll see below.

Form factor and design: it needs more space

There’s no doubt that Amazon’s Echo Sub stands out in the sea of other subwoofers out there on the market. It’s essentially a bigger cylindrical version of the relatively smaller Echo speakers from its time. It sports dark mesh fabric with a rounded top, meaning it matches the aesthetics of the Echo lineup. It looks like a premium product for the price. But just because it blends in nicely doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s an additional unit that needs more space within your setup.

I use my Echo Sub with two other Echo Dot speakers, and I can tell you that my audio setup now occupies more space in my room after adding the Sub. The Echo Sub has improved the audio experience overall but the Echo Studio can deliver the same, if not better, experience …….



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