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Join hands with ThroughTek to Enter Thousands of Billion Dollars Smart Home Market

ThroughTek (TPEx:6565)

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, June 8, 2022 / — “Revenue in the Smart Home market is projected to reach US$126.10bn in 2022 and resulting in a projected market volume of US$207.80bn by 2026,” according to Statista, a trusted market and consumer data platform. The smart home market is valued at thousands of billion dollars; therefore, numerous businesses have been rushing to enter this market. However, a well-known home automation company, Insteon recently decided to close their cloud servers without giving their customers any warning, resulting in bricking many smart home devices that had relied on Insteon cloud. This news stresses the importance of choosing the right business partners for collaboration on smart home services. Business partners who are reliable, well-experienced, and have maintained a good reputation may ensure your smart home services remain viable in the long run.

ThroughTek is a solution provider for IoT and cloud services. It has been committed to developing IoT technologies for over a decade and has collaborated with many world-renowned brand companies, telecom enterprises, home security system companies, and more. ThroughTek is the best choice for companies who want to build smart home services, and the reasons why you should collaborate with ThroughTek are demonstrated below:

1. Boost Product Development Processes to Accelerate Time-to-Market
ThroughTek’s Kalay Platform can easily integrate and expand smart home devices. It empowers businesses to implement cloud services on their products to deliver more holistic smart home services to their customers. Additionally, ThroughTek offers its multi-functional, multi-purpose app, called Hausetopia. It allows end-users to manage and control various smart home devices from different brands and models through one single application. With a ready-to-use template, Hausetopia is the perfect application for businesses that urgently need a ready-to-use application to shorten the services to market time. On top of that, ThroughTek also empowers businesses to create customized services with a wide range of IoT technologies and cloud-based platforms with ease.

2. Reduce Operating Costs and Maintenance Fees
ThroughTek assigns a dedicated team for each client during product development to manage all aspects of the development process and efficiently achieve product development goals. In addition to a dedicated team, ThroughTek can assist clients in setting up and maintaining a cloud server. ThroughTek ‘s operation team oversees the servers twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. If any abnormal situation happened, the operation team will notice it immediately and solve the problem as soon as possible.

3. Making Your Smart Home Services More Competitive
ThroughTek provides cloud-based smart home solutions that have many advantages, such as remote usage and remote firmware updates. End-users would be able to control their smart home devices remotely from anywhere at any time. While remote firmware updates will ensure their devices are always up-to-date and continuously add new features and improvements. Other benefits include voice control of devices by using smart assistant speakers to arrange and set routine tasks and other functions. These advantages empower businesses to make their smart home services more competitive and increase their customer base in this dynamic market.

4. Multiple Cybersecurity Measures to Reduce Risks of Malicious Attacks
Cybersecurity is essential for cloud services, so ThroughTek continues to strengthen security mechanisms, controls, and management to reduce the risks of malicious attacks. Additionally, ThroughTek follows ISO 27001, the international standard for information security, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), and other cybersecurity-related standards. Moreover, ThroughTek has established PSIRT (Product Security …….



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