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December 21, 2021 by No Comments

It’s hard to believe that a 15,000-square-foot smart home this fully equipped is governed by a massive assortment of gear inside a technology closet measuring just 9-by-7 feet. Las Vegas integrator Eagle Sentry applied its creative energy to make all the gear disappear inside this modern, sophisticated abode.  

Specifically, they executed an unconventional installation technique in partnership with Las Vegas-based design-led development firm, Blue Heron, carving channels into the walls and ceiling, in which to hide light fixtures, speakers, control interfaces, and more. With one goal in mind–preserving the beauty of the home’s architecture and stunning views of the Las Vegas strip — the technology disappears.  

Even with that plan solidly in motion, Eagle Sentry had its work cut out for them, as this home is loaded with some of the most sophisticated smart systems available.

No area, inside or out, is untouched by tech. There are 43 high-performance AV zones, 450 loads of lighting including tunable circadian lighting featuring specification-grade USAI light fixtures, 22 motorized doors, 40 stylish Savant motorized window treatments, 40 displays, 25 Savant temperature sensors, as well as the several surveillance cameras, and other gear. 

The large lounge space includes a suite of circadian lighting fixtures, all of which can be controlled via the home’s Savant automation system. 

A soup-to-nuts Savant system to serve as the manufacturer’s Vegas showroom, nestled inside the closet equipment rack, does all the heavy lifting and distribution of high-res audio and 4K video signals. Not one, but 15 Savant Smart Controllers manage every electronic system and device in the home. Savant also supplies them with power. 

Tied to the home’s solar array comprising 327 solar panels, the Savant Power energy management and microgrid system enables users to optimize the allocation of energy via Savant Power’s utility-grade reporting and breaker companion modules. The end result is a completed project that allows for unprecedented control, effortless efficiency, stunning aesthetics, and grid independence.  

Click here to see even more photos of this perfectly designed project by Eagle Sentry!



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