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Lenovo Smart Clock 2 lets users manage their schedule, enjoy music, control other smart devices and more, thanks to Google Assistant. You can even charge multiple devices with its Wireless Charging Dock

If you haven’t noticed, over the past few years smart speakers in households have been a growing trend, especially in the big cities. These devices are gaining popularity primarily because they are extremely convenient and easy to use. Not only is it a wireless speaker, but it has voice command controls that help the speaker act as a virtual assistant. Specifically, people have access to their choice of music and songs, the latest updates on weather outside, news and sports updates and much more, especially in the ability to control your other smart home devices. If they come with a touchscreen display, even better because you can watch the latest trending video on the internet. In short, they are cool devices that appeal to the modern-day, tech-savvy consumer for the simple reason that they instantly make the lives of people easier, giving them assistance on anything they need.

This reviewer has reviewed numerous smart home devices in the past, including the diverse Amazon Echo smart speaker lineup, Google Nest Hub smart speaker, even Lenovo’s Smart Clock with the Google Assistant that does more than just tell you the time and wake you up. Lenovo has now come out its latest Smart Clock 2 with Wireless Charging Dock and an updated design. The company was kind enough to send across its latest device to us for a review purpose, let us find out what’s in there for the consumer.

The latest version of the Smart Clock is an intelligent home solution for users to help them conveniently manage their schedule, enjoy music, control other smart devices, and more from the comfort of their bedroom, thanks to Google Assistant. This latest Smart Clock is also bundled with a Wireless Charging Dock enabling users to charge multiple devices at once. It retails for Rs 6,999 and is available in Heather Grey colour, designed to blend in with any decor. At my end, I set up the Smart Clock next to the bed on a side table in order to have easy access to this device.

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 features a fabric soft-touch cover and a 4-inch (10.16 cm) colour touchscreen display that showcases the time, weather, photos with a choice of customisable clock faces. Users can seamlessly set up Google Photos albums through their phone and set them as clock faces and relive precious memories while checking the time. This Smart Clock allows users to do more hands-free, from setting reminders and alarms, getting answers, checking the traffic while getting ready to step out, to controlling other smart devices such as TVs, ACs, lights etc. With Google Assistant on the Lenovo Smart Clock 2 all that a user needs to do is “ask”.

Users can start their day better by keeping on top of all their daily tasks and schedule. For example, users can ask Google to check their next meeting time (these days, online of course) or play some music while preparing for the day and much more. Users can also unwind by playing white noise with a single command or enjoy a guided meditation session to soothe their mind and body before going to bed.

With the Wireless Charging Dock, users can now keep their nightstand clutter-free and do away with multiple chargers while charging two additional devices at once with the Smart Clock 2. …….

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