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Anyone who has ever suffered from an intense bout of seasonal allergies or has experienced coming home after a long vacation only to find rooms covered in dust knows how important it is to have a powerful air purifier in the home. If you’re particularly eager to get rid of any dust or pollen in the house, Amazon shoppers say Levoit’s LV-PUR131S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier in particular can lead to “significantly less dust in the room.” 

This large purifier features a True HEPA filter, which can clean 500-square-foot rooms in just half an hour and rooms bigger than 900 square feet in an hour.  It is capable of catching 99.97 percent of fine particles in the air that are 0.3 microns in size, including common irritants like pet hair, pollen, dust, smoke, and other indoor odors. This Levoit model is “whisper quiet,” so you’ll barely notice it, according to reviewers, and even better, it’s currently on sale at Amazon for $22 off. 

Buy It! Levoit LV-PUR131S Smart True HEPA Air Purifier, $167.14 (orig. $189.99); amazon.com

Like other smart home appliances from the brand, this air purifier can connect to your smartphone for remote control. You can change any settings through your phone, create schedules to your preferred days and times, set timers, and track your filter life. Plus, it’s compatible with home assistant apps like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can use your smart home devices to turn it on and off. 

The purifier currently has more than 4,400 five-star ratings, and one shopper wrote that due to its powerful purification and ease of use, it’s “the best air purifier [they] have ever purchased. They added, “I love that it is efficient and quiet when it’s not even in sleep mode. When it’s on high, it’s just simple white noise. I brush off the outer filter monthly and love that the app lets me know what percentage of the available filter life is left. I’m spoiled with the app that lets me control the unit from anywhere in my home… The air quality light indicator has been very accurate with its performance. The rooms always smell and feel so much fresher. It truly helps with everyone’s allergies.”

Others say it exceeds expectations in how sensitive it is to any pollutants in the air. “It not only filters out dust, mold, and other harmful elements, but it also cleanses the air of odors,” wrote a shopper. “When our dogs came in from a rainy walk, it instantly revved up when it detected their odors. The same happens when it detects the odors from cooking. It is smaller than I expected, but is very capable of cleansing large areas. We’re definitely buying another one of these for this house.”

Buy It! Levoit LV-PUR131 True HEPA Air Purifier, $159.99 (orig. $179.99); amazon.com

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