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With the passage from the “old” to the “new” digital terrestrial started at the beginning of January, many Italians found themselves at home televisions no longer working. The DVB-T2 standard, which guarantees better video quality and less bandwidth, cannot be decoded by old TVs (those produced before 2017 are not compatible with the standard), effectively rendering hundreds of thousands of devices unusable. present in the kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms of Italians.

If you find yourself in this situation, you have nothing to worry about. Of smart TV on offer there are plenty of them, and with quite high discounts. This is the case with the LG 65UP75006LF, a device that combines excellent technical features at an attractive price. A device not to be missed for any reason in the world if you are looking for a new TV: it will allow you to watch your favorite programs in 4K by paying almost half the list price.

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LG 65UP75006LF Smart TV, features and functionality

The most striking feature of the LG smart TV on offer today on Amazon is its versatility. Equipped with a 65-inch LED panel with 4K resolution (3840 × 2160 pixels), the Korean manufacturer’s smart TV can be placed in any kind of home environment without affecting home harmony.

Obviously equipped with DVB-T2 HEVC Main 10 receiver, the LG 65UP750006LF is equipped with Quad Core 4K processor, capable of eliminating image noise and ensuring unparalleled video quality. The Real 4K UHDin fact, it offers even more brilliant and realistic images, characterized by more vivid colors and contrasts. Cinema enthusiasts, then, cannot fail to appreciate the FILMAKER MODE, which deactivates the “motion shooting” effect and allows you to watch the films as they were conceived and shot by the directors.

The webOS 6.0 operating system (obviously upgradeable to later versions) guarantees advanced smart features and the full compatibility with LG AI THINQ. Not only will it be possible to access audio and video streaming services (such as Amazon Prime Video, Prime Music, Netflix and Spotify, to name the biggest ones), but it will allow you to control smart home devices and do online searches in a few moments. There compatibility with Alexa and other voice assistants turns the remote control into a sort of “microphone” where you can ask for the weather forecast, choose a TV program, turn smart bulbs on and off at home and much more.

LG 65UP75006LF, smart TV on offer on Amazon: discount and price

The price of the LG 65UP750006LF, as mentioned, it is the most classic of the icing on the cake. Thanks to the 43% discount on the price list (savings …….

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