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(Pocket-lint) – Thanks to the increasing accessibility of smart home accessories, most people can control all aspects of their homes using voice commands or smartphones. Whether you want to change the lights, temperature or set intelligent automation based on your habits, all of it can be done with your voice or smartphone. However, most smart home systems have neglected one essential aspect of home automation – curtains.

Curtains are an essential component of your home – pulling them back allows you to experience natural light, drawing them helps you achieve privacy or reduce internal temperatures, and so much more. Most people draw their curtains open or closed depending on the temperature or time of the day. SwitchBot is one of the most effective smart home devices for curtains – it allows you to smarten your existing curtains within 30 seconds!

SwitchBot also offers numerous other accessories, such as remotes, meters, and solar panels, that work with your smart curtains to create intelligent scenes. These are perfect additions to any home, which makes them an ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, and SwitchBot will be holding some deals to mark that occasion very soon, so be sure to keep checking its site to see when they go live.

SwitchBot Curtain: Open or close your curtains using voice commands, phone, remote, or automation


The SwitchBot Curtain is a small, wireless device that can motorize your existing curtains. You don’t need to replace your existing curtains or purchase special curtains. The robot can simply be attached to your curtains within 30 seconds. When you send the appropriate commands, the device moves your curtains in the desired direction, allowing you to open or close the curtains automatically.

You can also set intelligent automations and scenes for your curtains. If you prefer waking up with natural sunlight, you can set automations to make the curtains open up with sunrise. If you install the SwitchBot Hub Mini, you can also control the curtains when you’re on vacation or on the other side of the world! If you have double-sided curtains, however, you’ll need two units of the device.

SwitchBot Hub Mini: Control your smart curtains and other accessories from anywhere in the world


The SwitchBot Hub Mini is the central component of your smart home system. It allows you to turn all of your regular household appliances, such as ACs and TVs, into smart devices. Furthermore, you can also make different smart devices interact with each other on the same network. For example, you can group the Hub Mini with the SwitchBot Curtain and Meter to open/close the curtains according to the temperature and in sync with an air conditioner.

SwitchBot Meter: Make your curtains and ACs work together to ensure optimal temperature


The SwitchBot Meter, also known as the SwitchBot Thermometer & Hygrometer, allows you to control your home’s temperature. You can monitor your home’s ambient temperature using the smartphone app and create automation to change the temperature according to the time of the day. You can also connect the Meter with the SwitchBot Curtain – when it gets really hot outside, the smart home system will close the curtains and lower the temperature until the perfect internal temperature is reached.

SwitchBot Remote: Open or close your curtains with the …….



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