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(Photo : Homvana)

What once was part of a luxurious lifestyle are now an essential part of our everyday lives — smart home devices. In return, they make our homes safer, easier, and cozier than ever. Today, Homvana offers the best smart humidifier to improve your home ambiance.

What Is a Smart Humidifier?

Generally, smart humidifiers add moisture to the air inside the space and prevent skin from drying out, which could irritate different areas of our bodies.

As part of a smart home system that makes our lives easier and safe, smart humidifiers have smart memories. This way, smart humidifiers can forecast and adjust the necessary moisture level based on the recorded user experience through sensors.

Consequently, there will be no need for manual intervention, as smart home systems will take care of everything for you and provide you with a high-efficiency experience.

While smart humidifiers can lead to healthy living, excessive use may lead to respiratory problems. Luckily for you, most smart humidifiers provide automatic detection and many other features that make life smarter and safer.

Best Humidifier in 2022

When you have a top-notch smart humidifier, you can create a comforting level of condensation inside your home, soothing chapped skin and improving breathing. But besides featuring qualities to promote a plain sailing life, the best smart home humidifier should not meet borderline maintenance.

Thanks to Homvana’s H111 ultrasonic smart home humidifier, expect a simple setup with no upkeeps at all.

Homvana H111

Homvana always brings new and innovative home appliances to the forefront of home living and is dedicated to introducing safe, simple, smart home devices into every home, with a tagline “MAKING HOME YOUR HAVANA.”

As you are looking for various high-value products, Homvana got your back with highly professional suppliers and production houses that they keep in close contact with and vet daily so that they can successfully fulfill their selection criteria.

One of their best smart home humidifiers this 2022 is no other than Homvana H111, a 1.72-gallon hybrid ultrasonic smart control humidifier. Scope out the power of Homvana’s smart home humidifier with its features below:


  • Cool and warm mist. This smart home humidifier has a dual-temp design that delivers four times more warm and cool mist spread than a standard cooler, effectively relieving the symptoms of dry air.

  • Distillation and misting. It pioneers 212°F distillation technologies and decompose 99.9% of bacteria, protecting kids and adults from disease.

(Photo : Homvana)

(Photo : Homvana)

  • Quiet and flawless operations. Using SilentSpray’s exclusive technology, the device operates at a whisper-quiet volume with noise less than 30dB, ensuring sound sleep free from disturbing noise.

  • Auto mode. The smart humidifier will detect mist levels and automatically maintain them by simply tapping the Auto Button. This is to ensure you can benefit from the humidifier anytime while keeping a convenient level of usage.

  • 12H timer. The timer is adjustable from 1-12 hours to suit your schedule, so you no longer have to worry about over-humidifying. You can save power and money from electric bills while sleeping and going out.

  • Remote control. If you want to stay in bed or curl up on …….



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