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Ask a physicist what Matter is and you’ll get a long-winded answer about life, the universe and everything. But in the tech world, that answer has changed and – in the context of smart homes – it really matters. Whether you’re ready or not, Matter is coming and it will change the face of smart home tech. We thought it was about time to take a closer look at what Matter is and why it matters.

What is Matter?

If you’re starting or already have smart home equipment, then you’ll know the struggle. Some of the gear you want simply won’t work with certain infrastructure. A simple and current example of this is Ring doorbells and cameras working with Amazon Echo speakers and screens. Now, that’s not surprising since Amazon owns Ring, but it’s really annoying if you’ve got an existing setup that’s not compatible.

Matter is set to be the standard in smart home technology, solving a lot of current and potential issues for consumers along the way. Personally, I believe it … since the biggest players – Amazon, Apple, Google, Samsung and Zigbee – as well as dozens of others, are a part of the development pathway and have committed to compliance moving forward.

Simply put, Matter is a new smart home interoperability standard intended to make Smart Home hardware work for consumers. No longer will you be part of a locked-in system and perhaps the best bit is the accessibility of information being an Open Source approach.

Members of the Alliance have taken an open-source approach to the development and implementation of this new, unified connectivity protocol. We use best-in-class contributions from market-tested smart home technologies, such as those from Amazon, Apple, Google, the Connectivity Standards Alliance, and others. By leveraging these technologies’ contributions, we are able to accelerate the development of the protocol and deliver benefits to manufacturers and consumers faster.

Matter isn’t a physical connection standard in the same way that Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is, it’s an application layer and – at the time of writing – will run on the IP layer and will connect devices via Wi-Fi, Thread, Ethernet or Bluetooth Low Energy (connection of devices only).

For those unfamiliar: Thread is a communication protocol used by low energy devices in a mesh network setup like locks, light switches and sensors ie. devices that don’t need to be actively connected all the time. This is in contrast to devices such as security cameras that send notifications to devices and stream high bandwidth video at a moments notice.

Matter doesn’t require cloud communication

By design, Matter certified hardware will communicate locally for control of the device and provide functionality. This doesn’t mean it can’t or won’t happen for cloud services we’re used to eg. Arlo or Ring, though.

Something that really highlighted the importance of Matter moving forward to me was CES 2022. While many of them weren’t necessarily something published at Ausdroid, the overwhelming majority of press releases for IoT and Smart Home with a direct commitment to supporting …….



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