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February 22, 2022 by No Comments

Are you looking for new smart home security products you can install yourself? Look no further than Netatmo’s batch of smart security gadgets—particularly their latest Door and Window Sensors. They’ve got a cool trick up their sleeve that you’ll want to see for yourself! Read on to find out more.

It’s never a bad time to install a security system. While some security-tech companies tend to dominate a larger corner of the market, others are easy to miss. Unfortunately for both smaller companies and consumers, there are some really great products we can overlook. Well, today we want to point out a super-cool new security gadget you won’t want to overlook. Introducing Netatmo’s Smart Door and Window Sensors. Let’s go ahead and see what it’s all about!

Netatmo wireless sensors for doors and windows

Provides an easy-to-install product you set up yourself

What’s more frustrating than buying a do-it-yourself product only to have it be infuriatingly difficult to install? Thankfully, Netatmo keeps things simple for its customers. The Smart Door and Window Sensors provide a straightforward setup using adhesive that lets you stick the waterproof sensors to whatever door or window needs it. Netatmo says to add their Smart Indoor Camera as well, which will also expand your options.

Brings a new way to detect threats and notify you faster

One of the key features of the Netatmo Smart Door and Window Sensors is also a pretty cool one. It has the ability to alert you before an actual break-in happens. Wherever the sensors are installed, they can detect attempts to force entry. If the door or window is suddenly opened, they’ll send an alert to your smartphone or other compatible devices. In the event of a burglary, or worse, a home invasion, seconds can mean a great deal.

Official promo for Netatmo’s smart home security lineup

Includes dedicated app support so you can check the status

Of course, what’s anything these days without an app? Rest assured, there’s a dedicated app for your smartphone that allows you to check on the status of your sensors and find out which are open and shut. Left one open for too long? No worries. You’ll receive a notification so that you know to close it if needed. After all, it’s easy to forget things like this during busy days. It’s always nice to have technology on our side.

Offers support for the new Matter smart home integration

Many smart home enthusiasts are excited about the latest smart device protocols known as Matter. Matter will be able to integrate many different smart home brands and devices into a single network—possibly even a single app in some cases. Netatmo’s Smart Door and Window Sensors are no exception. They too will be ready to work with the new Matter protocols so that they can exist seamlessly within your Matter-based network. It adds some future-proofing to the device.

These sensors notify you if a door or window is open

A suitable option that’s perfect for DIY security solutions

There are a lot of home security products out there. You ca mix and match many of them, at least to some degree. For example, you can use Ring’s doorbell cam, a Nest indoor …….



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