New Ikea GUNNARP, FLOALT and SYMFONISK smart home products could be on the way –

Rumors suggest that Ikea could be bringing new products to some of its smart home product ranges, including FLOALT. (Image source: Ikea)

Ikea could be developing new smart home products. A recent update to several smart LED light listings suggests that new or updated devices could be on the way for this range. Plus, FCC and WPC entries indicate that a new smart charging shelf could also be in the works. Ikea has not officially announced any of these gadgets.

Recent rumors suggest that Ikea could be developing new smart products. A product listing update indicates that Ikea may be updating its GUNNARP and FLOALT lighting ranges. Another report claims that the company could also be expanding its SYMFONISK range shortly.

The Ikea GUNNARP LED ceiling or wall lamp and the FLOALT LED light panel have been marked as ‘Last chance to buy’ in several European countries. The current smart devices come in various shapes and sizes, and are dimmable between 2,200 K and 4,000 K.

Caschy’s blog, which spotted the change to the product listings, speculated that this could signal that Ikea will launch new versions of these products soon. Ikea has not confirmed if this is the case.

Another possible new smart home product is the SYMFONISK Charging Shelf. MobiFlip found FCC and WPC listings for the potential gadget, though they gave few details. According to these sources, the device would be able to charge gadgets connected via USB-C at up to 18 W and wirelessly via the Qi standard at up to 5 W. The device is said to measure 306 x 131.5mm (~12 x 5-in).

You need to have the TRADFRI gateway to use these devices, which may be getting a refresh itself. You can then control the devices with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit or Google Home. Alternatively, you can control the devices with a TRADFRI remote or using the Ikea Home smart app on your smartphone.

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