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From smart doorbells and door locks to geysers and coffee-makers, smart home devices, once considered far-fetched ideas, have become a reality.

And while several companies provide smart devices, users often get overwhelmed while running these due to the difference in user interface designs. Add to this, the installation of smart solutions into the existing home infrastructure can be both time-consuming and messy. 

Then, there is also the issue of managing energy consumption through these smart home solutions. 

This is where Zunpulse, a plug-and-play range of smart products that allows homeowners to digitally and efficiently manage their smart home with one single application, comes into the picture.

The rise of Zunpulse

In 2016 Pranesh Chaudhary started ZunRoof as a solar rooftop company. He soon realised that energy savings needed a deeper commitment. The startup then worked on building a plug-and-play range of smart products, a project that eventually led to the birth of Zunpulse in 2020. 

Zunpulse, launched by Pranesh and Sushant S, uses the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide convenience and security to its customers. 

“Currently we offer smart geysers, smart room heaters, smart lighting, smart fans, smart air purifier, smart water purifier, smart door locks, smart video doorbell,s and many other smart products. Any customer with a Wi-Fi connection at their home simply needs to plug our devices with a power supply and can control their home with just one tap on the Zunpulse mobile app,” says Pranesh.  

In 2021, the Zunpulse team saw a 3X growth in its smart electrical appliances revenue. 

“In our last financial year, we did about Rs 41 crores in revenue, and this year we will look to close on a very strong footing. We will exit this financial year with a Rs 100 crore annualised revenue run rate and do a Rs 400 crore annualised revenue run rate in two years. Given the growth and customer’s zeal for India’s own IoT brand – Zunpulse, we are assured that we would be able to impact 5 million homes by 2025,” says Pranesh. 

The plug-and-play model 

The Zunpulse app, according to the startup, helps capture key metrics like–which products are being used at what particular time? Which products are using more energy? How to optimise the utilisation of energy through the Zunpulse range of products? 

“We can also collect diagnostic data on the basis of the number of times the device restarted, Wi-Fi connected and disconnected, the Wi-Fi strength, and failed attempts to connect with the device,” the co-founder says. 

All this is done by IoT and AI-led technologies that read and analyse data as the products are being used and controlled via the Zunpulse app.

Until a few months ago, the startup had assessed over 3,50,000 homes, designed over 50,000 rooftop solar systems in over 75 cities in India, owing to a 20 MW+ of rooftop solar capacity. The startup says it has saved over Rs 50 crore in electricity bills for its customers, and reached $1 million monthly revenue from the residential solar rooftop brand. 

Starting from a core problem 

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