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Thanks to Amazon’s virtual voice assistant Alexa, you can do all kinds of things hands-free, like order food, add items to your shopping list, play your favorite tunes and get answers to almost any question. But to make life even easier, Alexa can also help you create a useful ecosystem of smart home products.

And, if you pair Alexa with a compatible third-party gadget — like a smart bulb, thermostat or even a TV — you’ll also have access to a wide variety of controls over your whole home. Want to get started? Here are our favorite devices that work and integrate with Alexa.

The Echo Wall Clock is the perfect companion to your Echo smart speaker or display, specifically for anyone consistently setting timers. Not only do you get a classic, black and white wall clock, but the ring of LED lights around the traditional numbers also acts as a visual indication of how much time is left on any timer, And since it’s connected to your Echo, you won’t have to set it manually because the time is automatically adjusted.

All of Ring’s video doorbells and security cameras integrate directly with Alexa, allowing you to ask the digital assistant to show a specific camera’s feed on your TV or Echo Show device — including checking in on the Ring Indoor Cam. So, for example, if you have this device in your kids’ nursery, you can say, “Alexa, show me the nursery camera,” and your TV or smart display will begin playing a live video feed.

If your dogs are your children, then check out the Furbo Dog Camera. Not only can you use the Furbo app on your phone to check in on your pooch via the camera’s feed, but this multi-tasking product can also shoot a treat out of the camera’s housing to reward Fido for being a good boy. Better yet, just use any compatible product to have Alexa offer that treat or to monitor the camera’s livestream at any time.

Alexa easily integrates with any Philips Hue product to help control your lights with your voice. And though there are several different Philips Hue starter kits available, we like this one because it comes fully loaded with three bulbs, a smart button to control the lights, and the Hue Hub, which works in concert with the Hue app on your phone. Once you get the lights installed, you can also set up more complex Alexa routines, like dimming the lights for a movie night or turning the lights on at sunset. The possibilities …….

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2022/02/10/cnn-underscored/best-alexa-compatible-devices


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