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Gone are the days when an alarm clock was just an alarm clock. Now, they’re calendars, wireless phone chargers and even television screens – all while helping you ease your sleep routine with features like automatically dimming displays. 

At a time when getting a good night’s sleep seems to be easier said than done, a smart alarm clock is one of the most important bedroom gadgets you can get. We’ve rounded up our favourites below, which range from affordable devices with noise-activated displays, to the all-singing, all-dancing models with touchscreens. 

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The best smart alarm clocks for your bedside table

Echo Show 5, 2nd generation

The Echo Show may not be the most iconic of Amazon’s home devices, but it’s certainly a contender for our favourite smart clock. You can set alarms and timers, and listen to news, weather or music as you wake up.

But displaying the time is just one of the clock’s many functions. Buy it and you’ll be able to stream music, films and television with voice commands – or a few taps. 

Thanks to the in-built 2MP camera, you can check up on your home while away, and video call friends and family (as long as they use the Alexa app). You can even control your other smart home devices through the Echo Show. 

My Smart Home Hub Wireless Charging Smart LED Clock

The standout feature of this smart clock has got to be its wireless phone charging pad at the top. Say goodbye to annoying cables; you can top up the battery of any Qi-enabled device by leaving it on top of the block. 

This model keeps things simple. It may not have an interactive screen, but it does have sleek, minimalist styling with a choice of several textured wood finishes. You can also use your voice to view the temperature, humidity or date alongside the time on the front panel. 

And as an added bonus, the clock will automatically dim the LED display if the room gets dark. 

Lenovo Smart Clock & Lenovo Smart Clock 2

With their smart grey colouring and smooth curves, Lenovo’s smart clocks have sleek, contemporary style. They both come with a soft fabric covering, and the newest version has a detachable docking station with a wireless phone charging pad. 

Although the clocks have four-inch (10cm) touchscreens, you can set up most features with your voice. You won’t even have to move to set alarms, stream music or control your other smart home devices. 

The screen brightness automatically decreases in the dark and increases as you wake up, displaying your chosen clock face during the day. Plus, you can create a ‘morning routine’ to hear news, sports reports or local traffic and weather, for example.

Gingko Flip Click Clock

Another smart and stylish alarm clock, this option is made from MDF in a selection of wood tones. It’s sound-activated, so, if you choose not to have the display on continuously, it’ll only light up when it …….

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