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“Video monitoring services have become extremely popular with our customers,” said David Corio, Regional Vice President of ACS Security

As recently as 2020, it was estimated that 63 percent of U.S. households want smart locks and alarms in their homes. Additionally, more than three in five Americans claim that a smart home’s top benefit is security. Popular smart security systems include carbon monoxide detectors, lighting, thermostats, and locks along with advanced home security options – including live security camera monitoring.

Security services and the companies that offer them have been around for decades for good reason. A 2019 FBI report shares that property crimes resulted in losses estimated at $15.8 billion in the United States in that single year alone. In addition, statistics show that security systems prevent crime and help make neighborhoods safer. Most insurance companies also recognize security systems as deterrents and offer a discount on premiums for a professionally monitored security system.

Sadly, countless social media posts and daily news stories share examples of thieves stealing from mailboxes, front porches, locked businesses, storage facilities, and more. Carjackings occur at busy convenience and gas markets. Thieves look for easy opportunities to steal catalytic converters. Vandals senselessly throw bricks and rocks through windows at night. These crimes are often captured through security camera monitoring services, which provide rapid notification as well as helpful insight. Protecting their properties, families, staff, and valuable assets is a top priority as home and business owners go about their busy lives. Fortunately, security technology offers multi-layers of protection and options that make creating a safer, more secure home or business easier than ever.

Live Remote Video Monitoring Services Rise in Popularity

The monitored security industry keeps up with crime trends and offers enhanced security services for home and business owners. Today’s security systems have advanced to include remote video monitoring, high-quality security cameras, and home or business automation that helps save time and money. Live and remote security camera monitoring help prevent costly theft and capture criminals. In addition to an alarm system, patrol services and live video monitoring services increase protection for high-end residential areas.

When combined with basic intrusion detection systems, remote or video monitoring services add a critical layer of protection that helps prevent home invasions, smash and grabs, vandalism, break-ins, armed robberies, and more. Security experts around the country, including Los Angeles home security provider, ACS Security, know that the current criminal trends include crimes of opportunities and bolder thieves. These crimes occur even during the day, in busy residential or business areas. According to ACS Security, one of the best approaches to making your home, business, and neighborhood safer include awareness and professional alarm monitoring services.

“Video monitoring services have become extremely popular with our customers,” said David Corio, Regional Vice President of ACS Security. “We work hands-on with our clients to determine the best alarm monitoring and smart security services to help them save time, money, and property. Specifically, business security systems and automation services help manage staff, openings and closings, deliveries, overnight patrol, liabilities, and customer security.

“On the residential side, homeowners enjoy the same benefits along with a helpful …….

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