Ring Alarm Pro Review: Cream of the crop – Reviewed

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  • Requires multiple apps

  • No key fob

A unique and simple way to set up around-the-clock home security.

About the Ring Alarm Pro

  • Price: Starts at $249.99
  • Color: White
  • Connectivity: Ethernet, Bluetooth for set-up, Z-wave, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi 6 capable, LTE, 902-928 MHz Radio
  • Power source: Adapter included (100-240V AC ~50-60Hz). Output : 12V DC – 3A (max)
  • Smart assistant support: Amazon Alexa only
  • Dimensions: 6.75-inch L x 6.75-inch W x 2.72-inch H

The Ring Alarm Pro bundles a Ring Alarm System and an Eero Wi-Fi Router that’s completely customizable to your home. If you already have a Ring alarm, you can simply purchase the standalone Ring Alarm Pro Base Station which includes the router and works with first- and second-gen sensors.

However, if you’re new to Ring security, it’s best to start with one of the Ring Pro’s 8-piece or 14-piece kits. Each bundle includes the base station, keypad(s), and a variety of motion and contact sensors. Additional keypads and sensors can be purchased separately and added to the system at any time.

Setting up the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station is fairly simple, though I ran into some glitches the first time I tried to pair the router in the Eero app. Some others have reported similar headaches during setup. If you run into an issue, try rebooting the base station and closing/reopening the Ring and Eero apps. Doing so remedied my issues within minutes and it was smooth sailing from there on out.

The peel-and-stick motion and contact sensors are quick and easy to install. The Ring app offers detailed instructions about how and where to place sensors around your home to avoid false triggers from pets, sunlight, and other motion events.

What we like

Steadfast security during power and Wi-Fi outages

Credit: Reviewed / Rachel Murphy

Since the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station (pictured with the Ring Power Pack) has a built-in Eero 6 Wi-Fi router, it plugs directly into your modem to provide fast and stable internet and home security.

By far the most impressive feature of the Ring Alarm Pro—and the main one that sets it apart from (every other DIY alarm system we’ve encountered)—is the base station’s built-in Eero Wi-Fi 6 router. It connects directly to your modem, so you can ditch both your standalone router and alarm base station for a simple, all-in-one setup.

When you sign up for a Ring Protect Pro paid plan, the base station can stay online 24/7 using cellular data (up to 3GB a month). The plan starts at $20/month or you can opt to pay for a full year upfront for $200. This also includes other features like 24/7 professional monitoring, Eero Secure (provides ad blocking and content filtering), and Alexa Guard Plus (hands-free emergency calling services for Echo devices). A free, 30-day trial comes with your purchase.

Ring estimates that amount of storage should hold up to 300 Ring videos, 1.5 hours of video streaming, or two hours of video calls on a laptop—enough to get you through a brief Wi-Fi or power outage. You can …….

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