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September 12, 2022 by No Comments

IT’S ABOUT 8 p.m. on Thursday night, and I’m at the gym, frantically trying to finish a workout. A friend from Virginia is visiting on Friday, and there’s still an entire basement to clean up, and a refrigerator to stock and … did I take my clothes out of the dryer? Are they even dry?

Then I remember: I can slow down. I pull out my phone and open the Samsung SmartThings app, and all of 8 finger-taps later, I’m back in my training zone. My house can now take care of itself, and I can work out with peace of mind.

Just a few short years ago, this could only have been a scene out of the Jetsons. But early on in 2022, I leaped headlong into the world of the connected appliances, transforming the finished basement of our house into a completely connected space. And the results have been magical, a combination of stress relief and constant curiosity about what my Samsung-powered kitchen, laundry room, and movie room can combine to do next.

And from washer to dryer to range to fridge to TV to robot vacuum (because what living space is complete these days without a robot vacuum?), the entire space is capable of plenty. I can run my entire house from anywhere (as I did that Thursday night), or I can plunk myself down on the couch for a Madden marathon and get critical alerts in the corner of my Samsung Frame TV.

No matter the situation, it seems, this Samsung-powered basement can make things happen.


The entire experience has transformed my view of the fully connected household. For the first few years of our home ownership, I viewed a fully connected household as a pointless luxury–in part because it’s not an easy thing to pull off.

That’s especially true in the New York City area, where you’re almost always buying an older house or apartment. Often, that space comes with older appliances already in it, and shelling out thousands of dollars to upgrade everything at once doesn’t always make for a smart financial move.

So you wait for something (say, the dishwasher) to break down, then replace that. Months later, the fridge breaks down, and a different brand replacement is on sale, so you pick that up. And on and on it goes until you have a LG this and a Samsung that and a GE that, along with a Sony TV in another room. And everything technically “works,” so why mess with relative success?

Late last year, however, when the remnants of Hurricane Ida slammed New York’s Westchester area, where I live, I found myself in a different scenario. Four feet (yes, feet) of water flooded into my finished basement, instantly wrecking everything that was down there–the washer, dryer, and fridge that had come with the house, our cinema-quality movie room projector, six sets of LEGOs I’d been hoping to build (a story for another day). We needed to rebuild everything–so we went all in on …….



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