Sharp bets big on smart home devices – NHK WORLD

Executives at electronics maker Sharp are betting big on a market that’s expected to grow fast in the years ahead. They say they’re planning to more-than-double the share of sales they make from smart home appliances.

Designers at the firm have already developed several smart devices, so called because they are equipped with artificial intelligence and connected to the net.

One example is a refrigerator that can listen to spoken instructions and keep a record of the food and drinks it stores.

Another is a washing machine that suggests different modes to the user based on factors such as the weather and level of pollen in the air.

Sharp executives say smart home devices now account for around 30 percent of their total appliance sales in Japan. They’re aiming to get that figure up to more than 70 percent by fiscal 2024. And for overseas markets they’re targeting more than 50 percent.

A Sharp Senior Executive Managing Officer, Okitsu Masahiro says the firm’s plan “is to make use of our strengths as a leader in this field, and that will include taking advantage of the large amount of data we’ve collected from existing models.”

Sharp officials say a key component of their strategy will be to offer greater diversity in their product range.



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