Signify could be about to increase the prices of its Philips Hue smart home products –

Rumors suggest that over 250 Philips Hue products will see a price increase from May 1st. (Image source: Signify)

Reportedly, Signify could be about to increase the prices of over 250 Philips Hue smart home products. The rumored recommended retail price rise is around 17% and will be seen across several countries. This news follows price increases in North America and Europe across mostly outdoor Philips Hue products in December and January.

According to new rumors, the price of Philips Hue products is about to increase. As reported by Hueblog, the recommended retail prices of over 250 Philips Hue smart home devices will be increased by manufacturer Signify from May. All indoor lights and various accessories are included in the list of products that are forecast to be affected.

The reported price increase is around 17% and is expected to impact multiple countries. For example, the Philips Hue Smart Plug that currently costs US$29.99 is forecast to cost US$34.99 next month. At the more expensive end of the range, products like the Philips Hue Ensis, currently only available in Europe, are anticipated to increase in price from €399.99 (~US$430) to €439.99 (~US$473).

This news follows several price increases seen late last year and earlier this year across some indoor and outdoor Philips Hue products. One such case is the 197-in (5 m) Philips Hue Outdoor Lightstrip, which increased in price from US$179.99 to US$219.99 in December, a cost increase of about 22%. That means that the price has grown by 37.5% since its launch.

It is expected that these fresh price rises will be reflected in the Philips store initially; it is unclear whether or when other retailers such as Amazon or Best Buy will also raise their prices accordingly.

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