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If you don’t want to use your smartphone as an alarm clock, but want to access the latest weather data or news in the morning, you will find an alternative in a smart desk clock. This solution is useful, for example, when you put your cell phone into flight mode at night so as not to be disturbed by calls. Compared to a classic alarm clock, a smart variant offers data from the Internet, including an overview of upcoming appointments, the weather and current news reports.

In this guide, we take a look at smart clocks for the desk or bedside table with a connection to the Google Assistant and show how devices with Alexa can also be used as clever alarm clocks. Furthermore, we go into the possibilities of such devices as control devices for the smart home (theme world). We show more about smart helpers for the night or in the morning in our guide to sleep gadgets: sleep analysis, heated blankets and light alarm clocks.

Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple Homekit

The Google Assistant is not only used on smartphones and tablets with Android, but also on a number of other products. Google itself offers its own devices under the “Nest” label, such as the Google Nest Hub (test report) and Google Nest Hub 2. This is a smart display as a control center for compatible devices at home. The Nest family complete surveillance cameras like that Google Nest Cam, Doorbells with cameras like that Google Nest Doorbell, Multiroom-Speaker wie Nest Audio or Nest Mini. There are also suitable smart thermostats. Third-party providers also offer comparable products. These can stream music or videos to other devices via the Google Cast protocol and use the Google Assistant. Google Home serves as a connection to the smart home.

The counterpart of Amazon is the voice assistant Alexa. This is integrated into the smart speakers and displays of the Echo family, for example. We show an overview of the current devices in the Amazon Echo 2021 guide: All models in comparison. The smart display counterpart to the Nest Hub is the Amazon Echo Show. This is available as a compact version with a 5-inch display and as a larger version with 8 or 10 inches. The models also serve as smart speakers Echo Dot 4, Echo 4 such as Echo studio. In addition to Amazon products, other manufacturers also offer devices that support Amazon Skills, such as multi-room speakers and light switches.

Smart alarm clocks with Google Assistant

We took a closer look at them Lenovo Smart Clock 2. This form of the alarm clock is a mixture of smart display and smart speaker with integrated voice assistant. The successor to the Lenovo Smart Clock (test report) also uses the Google Assistant and offers some features of a Google Nest Hub (test report).

The Lenovo Smart Clock 2 costs 45 euros and is largely the same as the previous model, but offers stereo speakers and a charging dock for smartphones as an optional accessory. This supports both wireless charging via Qi or the classic variant via USB cable. With the charging dock, the watch costs around 70 euros. In the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential it is a slimmed-down version with a simple LED screen for 30 euros.

The 4-inch touch display of the Smart …….



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