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Marc Saltzman
 |  Special to USA TODAY

If you thought your air fryer was at the height of high-tech gadgetry, wait ‘til you see what’s cooking in “smart appliances” in the kitchen – and in the laundry room, too.

From app-controlled washers and dryers to voice-enabled ranges and A.I. (artificial intelligence)-powered fridges with cameras and touchscreens, many of today’s Wi-Fi appliances benefit from high-tech amenities designed to make home life easier for you and your family.

While the exact features may vary between brands and models – and some companies call them “connected appliances” opposed to “smart appliances” – here’s a look at how these modern devices add convenience, peace of mind and can help you get more done in less time.

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Remote control

You can easily control your smart appliances, even if you’re nowhere near them, by tapping an app on your phone or tablet.

Or, if you are at home, you can ask Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant to initiate a job via a smart speaker, like “Hey Google, tell [oven name] to preheat at 400 degrees” or “Alexa, turn on the coffee maker.”

With Samsung’s SmartThings platform, as an example, you can prep meals and send instructions to a compatible oven; remotely start, stop or delay dishwasher cycles; or keep your dryer tumbling for another, say, 10 minutes.

Real-time notifications

Not only can you remotely talk to your appliances, but they can communicate with you, too.

That is, because smart appliances are connected to your Wi-Fi, they can send notifications to your phone, tablet, smartwatch or other device (see below).

With LG’s ThinQ technology, for instance, which powers several of its home appliances, you can receive an alert if, say, a child left the fridge door open or if you forgot to turn the oven off.

Know that moldy smell that develops when wet clothes are left in the washer for too long? Your washing machine can prevent it by sending a note to your phone or smartwatch that a cycle is finished and it’s time to take the laundry out.

Also note, you might opt to see appliance notifications on another compatible ThinQ device – like watching a show on an LG OLED TV and seeing a pop-up window that lets you know your food is ready in the kitchen.

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Smart updates, diagnoses

Smart appliances can receive software updates that optimize performance and add new features. If there’s a problem with a dishwasher, for example, it can even notify the manufacturer about the specific issue, so the …….



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