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Dezeen promotion: Samsung Design has launched a “design vision” called Together for a Better Home, which aims to demonstrate how connected homes and smart devices can improve day-to-day life.

Together for a Better Home explores how the role and function of the home is changing.

According to Samsung Design, the home has evolved into a space that encompasses both leisure and work activities, where “working from home, taking remote classes, and joining online meetings are becoming routine”.

“Creating a suitable environment for the user by connecting every device within the house is becoming essential,” said Samsung Design.

Samsung Design highlights how digital devices can provide better at-home experiences

“More and more people are active in online classes and group study sessions,” Samsung Design said. “Even if we are apart, the experience of sharing our daily lives continues online.”

Samsung Design intends to highlight how digital devices, such as smartphones and tablets, enable people to enjoy “conveniences in limited spaces, which result in greater efficiency in work and daily life”.

“Even when we are physically separated in our individual homes, we can still enjoy moments together and pursue pleasant experiences in working and learning,” the brand said.

The home has evolved into a space for leisure and work activities

Together for a Better Home shows how people today require experiences that are flexible and allow them to undertake their day-to-day activities efficiently.

As an example, Samsung Design points out that people used to work in offices, study in classrooms and work out in gyms. But since the onset of Covid-19, the division of space and its purpose is “fading” as houses encompass all needs – with the help of digital spaces, the brand believes.

“Newly emerged online-based services defy space limitations and allow us to be ‘together’ in our respective spaces,” Samsung Design said. “A new daily life of working, learning, and enjoying time with colleagues and friends at home is becoming a reality.”

The brand’s design vision aims to highlight the need for spaces to become more flexible and how smart devices that are connected to the home are becoming “essential”.

Samsung Design explores how the role and function of the home is changing

Together for a Better Home focuses on how digital devices can provide a better at-home experience when a device recognises the context behind users’ activities.

“A user can simply move to the living room to attend a meeting on the TV, and family members are automatically notified to avoid distractions,” said the brand.

“Furthermore, the robot vacuum cleaner stops operating, and the TV automatically connects to the video conference when the meeting request is made. These are the traits of Samsung Design’s home of the future.”

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