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More and more people have been turning their homes into smart homes or simply been using smart devices these days. It may be out of a person’s laziness or curiosity about these devices, or the convenience these devices bring are just so hard to resist.

There are a number of smart devices that are available in the market today as well. From smart kitchen appliances to smart security devices, there seems to be a “smart” version of everything. In fact, it might surprise you what other smart home devices are out there, ready to be bought. 

Looking for examples? Here are some smart home devices you probably did not know exist:

Smart Fork

(Photo : Screenshot taken from the Hapilabs website)

You have probably heard of smart frying pans, smart coffee makers, and even smart microwave ovens. But have you ever heard of a smart fork? Believe it or not, smart forks exist. 

The smart fork we are talking about is actually called a HAPIfork. According to an article by Lifewire, this smart home device “monitors how quickly you’re eating, reminds you to slow down, tracks how you eat for an entire meal, and sends a report to an app on your phone via Bluetooth.”

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Smart Pet Feeder

If you ever worried about leaving your pets behind at home unattended because you have to go on a trip, having a smart pet feeder can ease your worries. 

An example of a smart pet feeder that you can find in the market is called Petnet Smartfeeder. Per the article by Lifewire, this smart home device basically lets you feed your pets regardless of where you are. It can also track how much your pets eat. 

Smart Piggy Bank

Out of the thousands of listings that you can find on Amazon, did you ever expect to find one for a smart piggy bank? Apparently, there is an Amazon listing that exists for a smart piggy bank. 

According to the Amazon listing, the smart piggy bank, which is called Porkfolio, actually syncs with an app that lets you monitor the money that goes in the piggy bank. You can even use the app to set financial goals for yourself. 

It also has a built-in accelerometer that will help protect your money. 

Smart Plant Pot

If you happen to have a black thumb but would still want to try your hand at gardening and taking care of a plant, you may want to check out something called the Parrot Pot. 

According to an article by Trusted Reviews, the Parrot Pot is actually a plant pot that automatically waters the plant in it. Owners can store up to two liters of water in the pot and the pot even has sensors that can monitor soil moisture and light levels. 

Smart Toothbrush

Having a smart toothbrush is handy for those who are lazy to brush their teeth or those with incorrect teeth-brushing habits. 

According to Trusted Reviews, Oral-B has actually launched a Bluetooth-connected smart toothbrush that has sensors that will tell you if you are brushing your teeth using the wrong technique. The smart toothbrush also has cleaning modes, including whitening, deep cleaning, and gum care. 

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