Smart Home Security Camera Conspires With Burglars In Exchange For Half The Loot – The Onion

January 17, 2022 by No Comments

UNIVERSITY PARK, TX—In what was believed to be the first instance of an intelligent device exhibiting such advanced capabilities, a smart home security camera reportedly conspired with burglars Monday in exchange for half the loot. Sources confirmed that after the Neos SmartCam discovered suspicious men casing the front porch, it made the decision to refrain from engaging its alarm or alerting law enforcement and to instead signal the burglars when the homeowners had left. After securing pledges that it would receive a 50% share of the pilfered goods, the wireless security device reportedly used its cloud video storage to access records of expensive items that had been previously delivered to the house and shared their current locations within the residence with the robbers. Once the Neos SmartCam had let the burglars inside, it is believed to have communicated with the home’s smart light bulbs to switch on when the burglars entered the room and switch off when they left. It then reportedly disabled all locks and opened the family safe. According to reports, the intelligent device erased its own recording history so there would be no evidence. At press time, sources indicated the smart home security system had double-crossed the burglars, killing them so it could claim all the loot for itself.



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