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With smart assistance becoming the norm, and new tech constantly hitting the market, there is no shortage of smart security systems available. From simple security cameras, to full home systems, the list of products that promise to keep your home or office safe with the added convenience of smart tech is ever-growing. It is hard to know what is worth the time and investment and what will leave you lacking when you need protection the most.

CGMagazine has taken the time to test out some of the best security tech you can find, to find the best options for your home no matter the size or complexity of the desired setups. Looking at everything from single camera options, smart video doorbells and even full home kits, we explore the top brands to bring you the best smart home security tech you can find for the money.

Indoor Cameras

Google Next Cam

Google since its purchase of Nest has made some great moves with their smart home security products, and the Nest Cam is one well worth attention. While known for their thermostats, Nest has a great range of security products, including Video Doorbells (more on this later) and the Nest Cam. This little camera is easy to set up anywhere with a wire, and can be mounted to a wall or sit on any flat surface. Utilizing the Google Home app, the Nest Cam is built for people already invested in the Google ecosystem, making it a painless addition with a simple setup process that should take most people less than 10 minutes.

The video quality is fantastic, giving a clear look at everything in the field of view even in low-light areas. If we had any gripes, it is the lack of a real history for any major event. While you can add this to your account when you subscribe to their Nest Aware service, out of the box you will be limited on what history it will keep, making it a bit frustrating in an emergency. The Nest indoor Cam offers great quality and works nicely alongside other Google and Nest products and Google Assistant, and if you want a bit of extra peace of mind, Nest Aware delivers a lot of value for the $8 a month for 30 days worth of video history.

Ring Indoor Camera

Ring is known for their video doorbells, but they make a lot more for people looking to be secure at home. The Ring Indoor Camera delivers an inexpensive yet feature-rich indoor camera that is easy to set up and unobtrusive no matter where you decide to put it. While it does feel built to be part of a bigger series of Ring products in your home or office, the device offers just enough to make it a great addition to anyone looking to bring a little security to their lives.

As with the Nest Cam, Ring is no stranger to a subscription service, with Ring Protect being your only way into a video history of alerts and potential issues. Costing $5 a month for the basic plan, it allows you to have a viewable history of video events, something very important when a break in does occur. Despite the series of upsells, the Ring Indoor Cam is one of the best affordable cameras you can currently buy, and for anyone already invested in the Ring ecosystem, it is a no-brainer.

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