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At CES in Las Vegas, more than 2,200 exhibitors will showcase their latest innovative products this week, despite COVID-19 concerns that caused several major companies to pull out of the event and forced organizers to shorten the annual trade show to three days instead of four.

Throughout the week, the show will feature traditional products like TVs and cars that highlight advancements in artificial intelligence and 5G technology. Many of the exhibitors are also demonstrating gadgets designed to make life easier during a global pandemic, as consumers have shifted to work and play from home because of COVID-19.

In November, the CTA announced that it received a record number of over 1,800 submissions across 27 product categories including health and wellness, home appliances, sustainability and virtual reality for its Innovation Awards Program. Some of those products were on display Monday night for members of the media attending in person.

Additionally, more than 130 exhibitors offered a sneak peek at their products at a media event before the show floor officially opens Wednesday to the 50,000 people expected to attend this year.

CTA president and CEO Gary Shapiro wrote in the Las Vegas Review Journal that there will be enhanced safety protocols. All attendees are required to be vaccinated, said Shapiro, who acknowledged this year’s event will be “messy” and “uncomfortable.”

“It’s time we return to making the world better rather than living in fear,” Shapiro wrote, arguing that the event is for smaller companies who count on CES to grow their businesses. “We will all be taking risks. But without risks there is no innovation.”

CES 2022 tech show begins in Las Vegas


This year’s CES will feature a variety of products that will highlight the growing popularity of home entertainment systems. According to the CTA, TVs became the most-owned tech product in U.S. homes in 2021, surpassing smartphones by a thin margin.

Smart TVs and phones

Samsung announced that it will unveil its new MicroLED TV at CES this year, which will be available for the first time in three different sizes. Samsung promised “revolutionary performance” from its new TV and said it will come in 110-inch, 101-inch and 89-inch size options. The new TV uses 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs that individually produce light and color for a “heightened level of clarity and contrast.”

Samsung said the 2022 MicroLED TV model, which previously only came in the larger 110-inch screen size, will automatically adjust brightness throughout the day and is outfitted with four HDMI ports that can be used simultaneously to view content from four sources in 4K resolution.

On Monday night, the company also unveiled its new smartphone at CES. The new Galaxy S21 Fan Edition 5G phone is priced at $699.99 and will be available on January 11 in white, lavender, graphite and olive green.

Game consoles 

The video game industry took a massive leap forward in 2021, according to CTA’s data. More than half of U.S houses, up from 10% in 2020, now own a video game console, while 30% of households plan to buy one in the upcoming year.

With gaming growing in popularity, LG Display is showcasing a new product concept called the Media Chair. The company said in a press release that the “extremely comfortable recliner” is combined with a 55-inch TV display that boasts a curved screen to provide “the optimal angle for the user.”




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