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Water. It’s one of the most used, most powerful – yet most often overlooked – resources in the home. Now, Moen is connecting homeowners to their water like never before with the industry’s first-of-its-kind, whole-home smart water ecosystem – the Moen Smart Water Network – including an expansion of the network in 2022 with new product and app innovations. Moen is leading the way in providing consumers with total control over water in the home – from the water flowing through the pipes and exiting the faucet down to the groundwater in the basement – all from one smartphone app for a truly seamless experience.  

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“It’s no secret that technology continues to enhance our everyday lives. And nowhere is that more dramatically evident than in our homes. But while water is one of the most essential elements in our day-to-day life, it has been mostly left out of the conversation, until now,” said Mark-Hans Richer, senior vice president, chief marketing and innovation officer, Fortune Brands Global Plumbing Group. “Our Moen Smart Water Network gives people the power to tap into the unseen network of water flowing through the pipes and valves behind the walls of their home – so they can control, enjoy and conserve the water running through their lives in ways never before possible.”

The Moen Smart Water Network is the first of its kind – a truly integrated system that gives consumers the peace of mind that comes with monitoring their water usage and detecting leaks in their pipes 24/7. It also enables them to automatically shut off the water before a catastrophic leak occurs and damages the home and control the temperature and amount of water they need from their Smart Faucet – with all products controlled and working together within Moen Smart Water App. 

Moen Smart Water products are easy to integrate into the home and respond more intuitively to the homeowner’s needs – providing them with peace of mind, security, conservation, and customization. Each product within the ecosystem can work individually as a standalone device or connect with other smart water products through the smartphone app, providing users with unmatched benefits, including:

  • Automated water security: While homeowners go about their day, the Smart Water Security System is working in the background, 24/7, to monitor for potential water risks and leaks and can automatically take action to notify the user, shut off water and help protect the home.
  • Water education: Homeowners can now monitor water usage, room by room, where Moen smart water devices are located. This data also helps users set conservation goals and be more mindful of resources.
  • Personalized experiences: Within the app, users can set custom presets that control the specific temperature and amount of water dispensed by their faucet, plus personalize preferred gestures for the operation of Smart Faucets with Motion Control.
  • Voice activation: Users can seamlessly connect their Moen Smart Water devices to their existing smart home platform and use their smart speakers to activate fixtures, control water temperatures, and dispense specific measurements for completely touchless interactions.

“We’re making water work smarter for homeowners by allowing them to customize their smart water ecosystem with the products, features and benefits that matter to them most,” added Richer. “If leaks are a concern, the Smart Water Security …….



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