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SwitchBot offers a range of products to introduce smart components into your home. From automated curtain openers to hands-off light operation and security devices, the SwitchBot range could ease your journey into smart home products

I live in a dumb home. Built one hundred years ago with solid brick interior walls, it is not receptive to any appliance that relies on a Wi-Fi signal. Presently, I have a Wi-Fi mesh system throughout the house to try and get some sort of Wi-Fi signal in each room. I also have Wi-Fi repeaters to run my robot vacuums like the Dreame Bot D10 Plus on test throughout the property. So the house is not a perfect candidate for a smart home environment.

But I really like the advantages of a smart home and want some of the benefits it offers.  So I started my journey there with some technology from SwitchBot. SwitchBot sells a range of products that will get you started on the road to a smart home. Their products range from curtain rods and motors for automated curtain adjustment to automatic humidifiers and LED strip lights, there will be something to start you off.

My ‘starter pack’ from SwitchBot included two $29 SwitchBot smart button pusher devices, two $19 SwitchBot remote control one-touch buttons, a $14.99 Thermometer and Hygrometer meter, and a $39 SwitchBot hub.

The SwitchBot button pusher device is designed to be stuck with an adhesive pad to a switch so that when the switch is invoked, a mechanical arm extends from the device housing and physically turns on the light switch or power switch.

SwitchBot programmable remote control switch

The SwitchBot remote can be configured in the app to invoke the button pusher to turn on or off the switch, or power supply where the button pusher is situated. It can be used in two ways and in reality, I did not need the second remote control device.

The Thermometer and Hygrometer meter passively records the temperature and humidity and displays them on the app. It is designed to be used with other devices and programmed in the app to switch on other appliances using the SwitchBot smart button pusher when the programmed threshold is reached.

If you buy the correct combination of SwitchBot items, you can get your smart home up and running fairly easily. In essence, there is no complicated wiring to do – and you do not need to use voice control if you do not want to. The products can be controlled by the Switchbot app, and most of the devices can be controlled by a remote control device. The setup seems fairly easy for each device, and you can get your smart home up and running easily if you want to. I was inspired to give it a go.

    The SwitchBot range of smart home products and combos will get your home automation system up and running quickly and easily

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SwitchBot Range: Pricing and availability

SwitchBot’s devices include items such as the smart humidifier filter for the SwitchBot humidifier for $7.99  to the Wi-Fi smart lock for $129.99.

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