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Bay Springs-based TEC, an internet provider to rural areas, has broken ground on construction that will extend long-awaited broadband access to the Stringer Community. Once completed, this project will provide high-speed internet, phone and security options to the area.

“Our community has seen the impact of having no internet service, much less fast fiber,” Stringer Chamber of Commerce President Lindsey Ricketson said. “It will also allow us to utilize our smart home devices that have been installed since we built our home. Our web-based devices will be put to use and not just taking up space in the house somewhere. Waiting for our favorite TV show or movie to be downloaded will be minutes instead of the next day.

“I cannot wait for service to be installed! For our home, data caps will be a thing of the past. Monitoring our home will be at our fingertips and give us that peace of mind while away. It seems we are so far behind technologically; we just don’t know how bad. I want to think back a year from now and say ‘WOW, we finally made it to an easier life!’”

TEC’s goal is to bridge the digital divide by providing a reliable, high-speed internet option that positively impacts the communities it serves.

“With Fast Fiber Internet, customers in the Stringer community will be able to enjoy the benefits of a modern standard of connectivity,” said Joey Garner, president and CEO of TEC. “Fiber is the gold standard of internet service and TEC is proud to bring it to the area.”

Source: https://www.leader-call.com/news/free_news/tec-breaks-ground-on-stringer-internet-upgrades/article_3674cf84-eb45-11ec-9e78-d359a5a6d1f3.html


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