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Today smart home appliances are not just words meant to be understood by tech industry or a marketing jargon. Smart appliances are appliances connected to the Internet or to Bluetooth and are controlled or monitored through remote commands using a smartphone, tablet, or any other device.

Rapid technological developments and modern lifestyles are expected to help push the adoption of intelligent appliances at home.

Today, tech savvy consumers are well aware of the latest technologies and are ready to invest in connected home solutions that can make their lives better and hassle free. Currently we see most connected devices are found in luxury houses and condos, particularly in the kitchen. But the onset of Covid has accelerated the growth and acceptance of connected appliances in tier 2,3 and 4 cities as well. 

The smart home appliance makers are introducing products such as smart water purifier, water heater, etc. to meet people’s new lifestyles, and we will see the adoption of connected devices at home surge over the next few years. 

Smart home appliances also offer safety and health support. For example, products like water purifiers offer TDS monitoring on real-time basis or even shows the real time status of filters and RO membrane and other products like IoT enabled Air coolers and Air Purifiers are equipped with pollutant tracking features for cleaner air indoors ensuring we breathe healthy. 

The growing requirement of need-to-do-everything-from-anywhere, has positively impacted the IoT consumer appliances market in India. Enabling IoT technology is now seen across all home appliances. There are chimneys, water heaters, and water purifiers that can be operated from a smartphone or through voice commands using Google Assistant or Alexa, where one can adjust the settings and operate the appliances in multiple modes, from anywhere at any time.  As ease is key when it comes to using IoT devices, a connected water purifier, air cooler, and even smart lighting is becoming increasingly popular amongst customers. 

Increasing internet penetration and subsequent growth of smart home solutions 

From just a little over 200 million connected devices in India in 2019, the reach of IoT coupled with the rapid digital transformation during the pandemic brought the number of connected devices to over 2 billion in 2021. This growth will be further fueled by the increasing internet penetration in India where the number of active Internet users is set to reach 900 million by 2025. Moreover, with the arrival of 5G technology in India, connectivity and access to smart technology will become more accessible, easy and omnipotent. 

Growing reliance on tech and automation fueled by smartphone penetration 

Customers today are eager to embrace the changes and adopt new technologies faster and have started to include them in their everyday lives. They are increasingly using the smartphone for various activities and intend to control all appliances and other devices through the same.  A recent study highlighted that <span data-amp-original-style="font-weight: 400;" class="amp-wp-fe3…….



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