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It seems like we’ve finally reached the point where smart home gadgets are no longer excessive solutions in desperate search of a problem to solve. CES 2022 was a great example of that. Overwhelmingly, most of the smart home tech we saw this year was not only cool but actually made us scratch our chins about buying them for ourselves.

We’ve rounded up all the home gadgets, both connected and off the grid, that caught our eye at CES 2022 to help you get an idea of what’s worth bringing into your home this year.

Connected door tech evolves

Apple announced Home Key at WWDC 2021, but it’s taken a while for lock makers to catch up. This allows users to save an NFC key to their iPhone and Apple Watch for easier home access that maintains security. Schlage’s Encode Plus Wi-Fi deadbolt offers a keypad, traditional lock, and an NFC receiver for Home Key compatibility. It also builds in a Thread radio for better HomeKit integration and increases battery life from six months to a full year if you want to disable Wi-Fi while maintaining remote control.

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For those who plan on buying a new home this year, there’s a chance that house could come with Masonite’s new M-PWR door, which features built-in wiring to power an included Yale lock and Ring camera, plus a suite of motion sensors and lights. The lock and camera are both meant to be upgraded over time and are user-replaceable, meaning there’s a chance you can replace both with products from other brands. Currently, the M-PWR is only available for new construction by a professional, but Masonite does expect an aftermarket model for renovators to be available in a year or two.

Ring’s competitors play to win

Two doorbell cameras this year caught our eye and are worth looking at as alternatives to Ring and its police-friendly policies. Anker sub-brand Eufy’s newest camera, the Video Doorbell Dual, features two cameras as the name suggests. The first is a standard front-facing camera to see who is at the door, and the second faces downward to specifically keep an eye on packages. The app can notify you when packages are delivered with timestamps. Eufy hasn’t revealed smart home platform compatibility yet but promises more details closer to its February release.

For those of you in the HomeKit ecosystem, the Wemo Smart Video Doorbell is another compelling option. The selling point of this $250 doorbell is HomeKit Secure Video compatibility, which uses a HomePod or Apple TV to encrypt all live video feeds, and stores video in iCloud with end-to-end encryption. The camera itself features 178-degree field of view, HD video, and night vision. HomeKit Secure Video cameras are super appealing to the privacy minded by offloading all smarts to local hardware instead of reliance on cloud services.

Projectors are still sick

Two projectors from CES 2022 stood out to us.

Samsung’s Freestyle projector is basically a portable Samsung Smart TV. The selling point of the Freestyle is flexibility. You don’t just get a capable projector that can create a screen from 30 to 100 inches, but tons of smart features that help it project onto more surfaces as well. …….



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