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Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done?

Switching to smart home devices can save you so much time since you can control most of them through your phone or even with your voice. From robot vacuums to complete home office systems, the “set-it-and-forget-it” approach of these items makes them well worth splurging on.

So, here are 16 of the best smart home devices that deserve a Ph.D. in making your life easier.

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If you’re new to the smart home world, a voice assistant device like this Amazon Echo Show 5 or a Google Nest Hub ($115) is a great first purchase. You can ask Alexa any question, it displays the time and temperature and has a speaker and camera.


See who’s knocking at your door with this smart doorbell that has a motion-activated camera. It has a two-way speaker system so you can chat with visitors even when you’re not at home.


This smart scale links to most major fitness apps and tracks 13 different measurements like body fat percentage to help you stay on top of your wellness goals. It’ll help track your data so you can see your progress over time.


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Instead of running to the store every time you need some herbs, why not grow it at home with this hydroponic system? It can grow three different herbs at the same time and all you’ll have to do is add water.

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Lighting can be a total mood-changer around the house and this smart bulb can cycle through 16 million different colours. You can pair it with your phone or Alexa so you can conveniently turn the lights off once you’re already snug in bed.



You can save yourself all the hours you spend on vacuuming and mopping with this iRobot bundle. It comes with the Roomba j7+ robot vacuum and the Braava jet m6 robot mop to help you tag-team your floors.


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This smart plug is a total game-changer for items you switch on and off at the same time every day because you can set it on a timer. You can also control it yourself with the button on the side or with Alexa, Google Assistant or the app.



This thermostat is a small price to pay when you realize it can help you save up to 26% on your energy bill each year. It comes with a SmartSensor that can detect the temperature of the room you want to control, not only around the thermostat itself.


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Keep eyes on your home 24/7 with a security camera system. This one has night vision and is weatherproof so it can also be used outdoors no matter the conditions.


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