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We’ve been told that the holidays are about merriment and togetherness, but it doesn’t take that hard of a look to see past the yuletide-palooza and discover that it’s all a not-so-subtle tront for promoting our times’ latest and greatest tech. And frankly? That’s fine. The rest of the year, it’s hard for us to keep up, and frankly, it’s time to upgrade from your ancient Bluetooth speaker, cracked-screen phone, and the earbuds you’ve been holding on to since they were passed out on your flight to Milwaukee in 2018. The new stuff is smarter, sleeker, and more packed with carefully curated features than ever before, in all realms of tech including home devices, sound bars, laptops, and gaming systems. 

So pass the mashed potatoes and remind your family to hold off on giving you socks for the fourth year in a row: It’s 2021, baby. There are oddly necessary gadgets to splurge on and smart-home essentials to save on. 

From noise-canceling headphones to speakers worthy of the pros, we’ve created the Mother of All Tech Lists. Use it to guide your own quest for the greatest deals as you rifle through the holiday sales, or print out a few copies and hand them out to the people shopping for you. It’s your call. 

The Best Smart Home Devices of 2021

While it’s a little trippy turning our homes into living, breathing computers, smart home products let us dim the lights, turn on the fire Miguel track, and answer the door without lifting a finger—and frankly, that’s rad. Here are the hottest home tech products of the holiday season.

Google Nest

Ready to welcome a Netflix-playing robot into your home? The Google Nest Hub will tell you the weather, play music through your sound system, help you turn appliances on and off, and more. It’s kind of like having your very own Alfred Pennyworth. 


Google Nest Hub Smart Home Display

Amazon Echo 

You’re committed to Alexa, it’s cool. The new 4th generation Echo is currently 40% off on its mothership realtor. If you’re looking for rich sound for your favorite tunes in addition to a smart home hub, this little orb’s got you covered. 

Blink Video Doorbell

It’s like screening your calls, but for visitors. You can also take the 80 bucks you save on this smart doorbell and spend it on a 2019 Echo Show that will connect to your new digital doorman. 


Wireless Outdoor 2-Camera System Plus Video Doorbell

The Best Headphones of 2021</…….



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