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If your home is brimming with smart devices and you’re looking for your next gadget fix, it may be time to jump on the smart furniture trend. Stylish, convenient and often fairly subtle, smart furniture allows home life to run more smoothly.

We’ve selected a few of our favourite smart furniture pieces, from a demisting bathroom mirror that doubles as a speaker, to a bedside table with a wireless charging pad. Whether you’re after a useful accessory you can use daily, or a lavish toy you can show off to friends, we’ve got you covered.

What is smart furniture technology?

Smart furniture describes homeware with technological functionalities. For example, a drawer with a speaker nestled inside, or a lamp you can dim from your phone. Intelligent furniture pieces tend to be controlled through your phone, or through voice command.

Like all smart technology, smart furniture aims to make a day at home hassle free. And let’s face it, having a TV at the foot of your bed is pretty appealing. Great for those who enjoy a minimalist vibe, you can avoid frustrating bundles of charging cables and unnecessary clutter thanks to the multi-functional nature of smart furniture.

So check out our roundup of the best smart furniture and treat yourself to a home interior upgrade.

Best smart furniture for 2022

LED smart mirror

This smart mirror features a built-in Bluetooth speaker, so you can save yourself a waterproof radio and blast your shower tunes from the mirror. This bathroom gadget is backlit too which can look pretty snazzy. Control the LED lighting through a nifty touch button – it even lights up so you can easily find the light switch in the middle of the night.

As well as the flashy features, there’s a built-in shaver socket for your two pin appliances, so you can keep your electric toothbrush charged up.

A real treat is the demister pad which lets you keep a steam free mirror image after a long bath. Great news for shared households with long bathroom queues.

Beosound Shape wall-mounted speakers

For a contemporary speaker that’s as decorative as it is functional, audio specialist brand Bang & Olufsen has nailed it. The wall-mounted speaker is made up of hexagonal tiles and while this smart technology looks more like a piece of modern art, you can stream and play music as usual.

The customisable aspect is pretty neat. You can add your own tiles, choose your preferred colour scheme and create your own shape for a personalised wall accessory.

Buy the Beosound Shape wall-mounted speakers now from Bang & Olufsen

Smart bedside table

This stylish bedside drawer boasts a wireless charging station – just pop your phone on top of the drawer once you’ve chosen a podcast to drift off to. No more awkward cable reaching before bed.

The top of the drawer is a built-in Bluetooth-enabled speaker, so you don’t have to locate your portable speaker every time you fancy playing music in your bedroom.

As smart furniture goes, this bedside table manages to blend into bedrooms well as it’s not overly techy in appearance. We like the subtlety of the style, and it’s available in a walnut and oak too. The stitched music controls are …….



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