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Even though smart thermostats, displays, and security cameras have been on the market for years, there’s still something enjoyably space-age about talking to your house and having it respond to your requests. Even if you’re just asking your smart display for the weather and news each morning, these are handy little devices that add new features every day. 

The Best Smart Home Deals for March 2022

While the list of smart devices for your home is always growing, we’re focusing on finding deals for those that can make the biggest impact on your daily life. Smart thermostats can help you reduce your energy usage, smart security can keep a trained eye on your home’s interior and exterior, and a smart display is good for everything from listening to music on demand to finding a recipe for dinner to getting your house ready to end the day. 

Here’s our list of places you can save on any (or all) of these for your soon-to-be-smarter home: 

Smart Speaker and Display Deals

Echo Show 5 (2nd Gen)

If you’re more immersed in the Amazon and Alexa-phere than with Google or Apple, the Echo Show gives you an all-in-one touch-enabled smart screen that serves as a photo frame, a home-control hub, or a TV/music screener. You can even make calls and use the device as a video phone (though the 2MP camera won’t give you the greatest visual quality). With all that onboard, if you’re worried about security there’s a built-in screen shutter that will add some peace of mind.

Google Nest Hub (2nd Gen)

Like other smart displays, this Nest Hub can control other in-home devices and stream media, but this is a Google product. It makes connecting to Nest cameras and thermostats pretty seamless, and plays nice with your existing Google Photos and YouTube accounts. The additional user-friendliness is nice to have: Features like an ambient light sensor means the screen brightness matches the room, while the sunrise alarm function makes it easier to gradually wake up in the morning. The lack of a camera means you can’t make video calls (audio calls only) but it helps you to be extra sure no one is sneaking a peek at your space.

Google Nest Audio

If you’ve ever thought about equipping your home or office with a Sonos speaker network, take a look at the Google Nest Audio system before you do. While the audiophile stats may not quite match up, you do get a great price on a smart device with two onboard speakers (one woofer for good bass response and one tweeter for crisp highs) paired with the brains of a Nest Hub—just without the display. You can also use it as an intercom to broadcast messages throughout your house, set network-wide alarms, and make audio calls; you can also switch off the three microphones for extra security.

Lenovo Smart Clock Essential

For a smarter alarm clock on a tighter budget, this Lenovo device works with Google Assistant to give you a lot of the voice commands and info that a Nest would deliver, but you are limited to a display that just shows you time, timers, and temp. That said, it’ll charge your phone via a USB cable and the built-in nightlight saves you from having to flip on your flashlight …….



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