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With every passing year, it gets easier (and cheaper) to get your smart home up and running. The market is only moving upward at the moment, so it’s no surprise we saw a ton of smart home tech at CES 2022. But which devices rose to the top? To answer that, we have this best smart home tech at CES 2022 roundup!

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The usual heavy-hitters are here, including Samsung and Eufy. GE also had a great device as did Withings. Continue on to see which devices impressed us the most at the show!

Eufy Security Video Doorbell Dual

Smart doorbells are nothing new. Whether they’re wireless, wired, or both, pretty much every smart home company has one. The Eufy Security Video Doorbell Duo, though, tweaks the formula a bit to create something pretty exciting.

The thing that sets the Video Doorbell Duo apart from the competition is its second camera. The main camera does what you’d expect: it faces outward to capture the faces of people who come to your door. The second camera, however, faces downward to capture footage of packages and deliveries left on your doorstep. No more porch piracy!

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This dual approach makes the Eufy doorbell incredibly versatile. Other smart doorbells try to capture as much as possible with one camera, such as the Google Nest Doorbell. With two cameras, though, the Eufy model trumps that system.

Aside from the innovative second camera, the Eufy Security Video Doorbell Duo is also just a great doorbell cam. It can be used wired or wirelessly, does not require a subscription, has two-way audio, and the main camera is a 2K sensor. It even works with both Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. You can get everything you need to use the doorbell — including its required base system — for $350 starting in February 2022.

Withings Body Scan smart scale

A great smart scale doesn’t just measure your weight. No, that’s for the “dumb” scales that have been around for decades. A good smart scale can give you many more health data points. However, most smart scales can’t do nearly as many things as the Withings Body Scan. Its wealth of features makes it one of the best smart home products at CES 2022.

According to Withings, its new smart scale can measure your weight, record an electrocardiogram (ECG), analyze your nerve activity, and even estimate your body composition.

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To get that ECG reading, you’ll need to grab onto the innovative retractable handle you see in the image above. Holding the handle records a six-lead ECG which is pushed to the Withings smartphone app. From the app, you can view your results and even share them with your doctor.

For those of you who put a high priority on weight measurements, though, the Body Scan should shine there as well. Withings says the scale can measure your body weight to 0.1lbs/50g accuracy.

Along with the scale, Withing also debuted a new subscription health coaching system. This service should pair well with the scale, but it isn’t necessary to use it.

The Withings Body Scan …….



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