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If you use a television set that’s connected to a cable TV box, DVR, a soundbar or home theater speaker system, Blu-Ray DVD player and a streaming device, chances are you have multiple handheld remote controls you constantly need to juggle. This can be very frustrating. Plus, you’ll likely need to constantly search for the appropriate remote, which just might be hiding under a couch cushion. The easy solution for controlling multiple devices is using one of the best universal remote controls.

Get ride of the multiple remote controls you need to control everything that’s connected to your TV … [+] and use just one universal remote control device.


Program a universal remote once and it’ll work with all of the equipment that’s connected to your television set. There are many that’ll work with a few commonly used devices, however, there are also more advanced models that’ll work with up to 50 devices—including your smart home gear. Let’s take a look at six of the best universal remote controls you can use with your television set and all of the components you have connected to it.

Best Universal Remote Overall

Control Your TV And Up To 14 Other Devices

Number of devices it works with: Up to 15

Who it’s for: Anyone with a handful of equipment connected to their TV, but who does not need to control smart home devices as well.

This is a scaled down version of the SofaBaton X1. Its focus is on allowing you to control your television set along with up to 14 other devices and components connected to it—including speakers, a DVD player, DVR and gaming system. You’ll also be able to control your favorite video streaming services and streaming device that’s connected to the TV using the same remote.

This remote utilizes both infrared and Bluetooth, but not Wi-Fi to communicate with various devices. Using a proprietary smartphone app, programming this universal remote is a quick and easy process since it utilizes a database of more than 500,000 known devices from 6,000+ manufacturers. The X1 features a small, but full-color OLED display that makes using the remote a straightforward process. You can quickly switch between devices you want to control.


  • Easy to program
  • Works with a wide range of TVs and equipment
  • Includes a touchscreen, scroll wheel and other easy-navigation controls


  • Slight learning curve associated with using the remote

Best Premium Universal Remote

Expensive, But It Offers Some Handy Features

Number of devices it works with: Up to 255 devices

Who it’s for: A tech-savvy user who wants to control much more than just their television set using a universal remote—and who is willing to pay for the privilege.

For a while, Logitech offered an impressive lineup of higher-end and extremely powerful smart remote control devices. These, however, have all been …….



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