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A video doorbell is one of the most useful smart home devices you can buy. With one gadget you can update your front door’s communication skills from a 1980s landline to a modern smartphone. A motion-activated camera with a microphone, speaker, and doorbell attached, a smart doorbell sends alerts to a smartphone to show you who’s calling without you needing to open the door, or even be at home. Whether you’re tucked up on the couch, hard at work in a home or actual office, or sunning on a beach in the Bahamas, a video doorbell keeps you in touch with what’s happening on your doorstep.

I have tested more than 30 smart doorbell cameras and while there’s no one size fits all — like a smartphone, it’s a personal choice — I have thoughts on which are the best of the best, and which work well for specific use cases.

My top pick is the $250 Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2. A true wired doorbell with sharp resolution, an all-encompassing view, accurate people and package detection, and excellent motion detection, you can’t go wrong with this doorbell. This is doubly true if you use Alexa devices, which it plays very well with (Ring is owned by Amazon). For users who may be put off Ring due to its Neighbors app or controversial police partnerships, there are other options. However, it’s worth noting you can opt out of both those.

If you’re firmly in another ecosystem, the $150 Arlo Essential Wired Doorbell is a great choice, adding HomeKit and Google Home support, and more smart alerts (it can spot pets and vehicles, too). It’s also cheaper, but its motion sensitivity and connectivity aren’t as good as the Ring’s. I also like the wider range of design options available with the Ring Pro 2, which is one of the smaller doorbells you can get. After all, this will be the first thing people see when they come to your house, so you want it to look nice.

If you have existing doorbell wires, use them

The $50 Blink Video Doorbell is a solid choice for those on a budget, albeit with a number of concessions to hit its much lower price. Up to two years of battery life, local storage, and the option to hardwire it to add pre-roll video and ring your indoor chime make this a great choice whether you have wires or not. You do get lower video quality and less smart features, but you’re also paying a lot less.

I’ve also got recommendations for the best battery-powered doorbell camera, the best doorbell for Google Home and Apple HomeKit, and the best option if you don’t want to pay a monthly fee.

1. The best video doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2

2. The best budget video doorbell: Blink Video Doorbell

3. The best video doorbell for any smart home: Arlo Essential Wired and Wire-Free

4. The best video doorbell for Google Home: Nest Doorbell Wired (formerly Nest Hello)

5. The best battery-powered video doorbell: Ring Video Doorbell 4

6. The best subscription-free video doorbell: Eufy Video Doorbell Dual

7. The best video doorbell for Apple HomeKit: Wemo Smart Video Doorbell




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