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When his children have been watching TV for too long, an automated system notifies Chris and gives him the option of turning off the screen remotely or sending his kids a message.

“I’ll send a message to say ‘what you are you doing? You’ve been sitting around for too long,'” Chris, who lives in Queensland with his family of four, says.

When data gathered from local weather stations indicate that rain will strike the eastern side of the house in exactly five minutes, the system tells him what windows on that side are open.

If he’s not home and an intruder visits, a hidden smart speaker erupts with an aggressive barking noise.

“That’s some of the cool stuff,” Chris says.

Smart homes of the future may have “contextual awareness”, meaning they’ll know where you are, and what you’re doing.(Getty Images: Ethan Miller)

Technology that automates or remotely controls various household functions, from lighting to security, appears to be going mainstream, helped by a pandemic that has seen us spending more time at home, and more money on comforts like air fryers and smart speakers.

But do these gizmos make life any better?

Are “smart homes” the way of the future, or just the latest marketing gimmick?

Everything can be ‘smart’, including the kitchen sink

Chris’s house is an extreme example, but locks, lights and doorbells that can be controlled through a phone and programmed to perform tasks automatically are becoming commonplace. 

According to some, these are the leading edge of a dramatic change in our homes’ relationship with technology.

This year’s influential Consumer Electronics Show (CES) tech expo in Las Vegas saw a rush to capitalise on the trend: big brands launched a range of connected devices, from taps controlled by voice commands to video-streaming dog doors that open at a pet’s approach.

This “smart door” may look like a standard front door, but don’t be fooled.(Supplied: Masonite)

Other products included:


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