The Latest in Smart Home Security Systems –

Gone are the days of protecting your home with old-school home security systems, forking over some serious coin to have a company do the work for you. Now, you can use smart home security devices to protect your home.

As their name implies, they possess intelligence and ease of access that older systems cannot match. Devices such as smart locks, video doorbells, and security cameras connect to the internet, allowing you to view camera feeds, alarm notifications, door locks, access logs, and more through the provider’s mobile app.

The demand for these devices continues to grow. Half of all homes now possess at least one smart home device, with security systems being the most popular segment. Our guide tackles some of the most innovative security devices available, some pros of using them, and things to consider before buying them.

How do smart home security systems work?

Smart home security systems connect to the internet through your home’s Wi-Fi connection. And you use your provider’s mobile app to access your security tools through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Doing so enables you to create specialized settings, such as setting temporary codes for door access.

Additionally, innovations have come a long way to offer you enhanced protection. Doorbell cameras now feature facial recognition software. Cameras have smart detection capabilities that can send an alert to your phone.

“Many modern security systems can now integrate with other smart devices in your homes, such as thermostats and door locks,” says Jeremy Clifford, CEO and founder of Router CTRL. For example, you can program lights to turn on as you arrive home and schedule other measures to keep you safer.

Types of smart home devices

Here are some of the smart home security gadgets you can buy to protect you and your loved ones.

Smart locks

Cost: $250-$400

Smart locks control your home’s main access point whether you’re there, across town or several states away. Some models come with Wi-fi connectivity, enabling you to use the manufacturer’s app to unlock and lock your door instead of fumbling with keys. They also feature an activity log, allowing you to see who comes and when they leave–a must, for example, if you have a pet sitter or are waiting for your child to come home from school. You can assign temporary codes for babysitters, guests and contractors.

Video doorbells

Cost: Price from $24.99 and up

Video doorbells alert you when someone is at your door. You’ll receive a notification to access the doorbell’s camera to see who it is and grant them access (if you have a smart lock). Some products come with audio and video, giving you the ability to talk to the person at your door. Most models come with video storage (you might need a paid subscription depending on the manufacturer and how much storage you need), and the newest ones feature facial recognition software. Most importantly, a video doorbell could reduce the risk of someone attempting to steal your packages or break-in, if they can see the camera.

Home security cameras

Cost: $60 and up

Home security cameras provide a fresh pair of eyes when you’re not around. They send you notifications when they detect movement. Some feature night vision capabilities, providing clear images of who or what is triggering the camera’s sensor. And the improvement on …….



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