The Matter connectivity standard for TVs could give you more ways to control your smart device –

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Matter’s connectivity protocol could improve connectivity between smart devices from different companies. (Image source: Matter)

The new Matter connectivity protocol could improve the interconnectivity between smart devices from different manufacturers. One element of this standard relates to TVs and streaming devices, which would mean that you could control your Amazon TV using a Google Nest hub.

Matter, a new connectivity standard for smart home devices, could broaden out the number of ways you can control your TV. The Matter protocol, which aims to improve the connectivity of The Internet of things (IoT), includes guidelines for smart TVs and other streaming devices. This standard means it could be another way for you to control these devices and link them to smart home assistants and apps.

The Matter functionality will offer smart TV users volume control, the ability to change channels and switch between various inputs and outputs. The Matter TV standard will initially use app-to-app communication until all smart TV and streaming devices have fully adopted the protocol. URL-based casting is also an option supported by Matter, meaning that you can cast to TVs and devices which do not have an app.

Matter aims to align the industry to a single specification by replacing the proprietary systems of tech giants such as Apple and Google. The key idea behind Matter is connectivity; it aims to have one protocol that every gadget adheres to, meaning that all devices can talk to each other.

Theoretically, you will be able to control any smart device by the method of your choice, be that a remote, an app or voice control. This protocol will help prevent customers from feeling “locked” to a set of smart devices from one company.

Matter is being guided by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which includes Amazon, Apple and Google. The protocol is due to be released in the first half of 2022.

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