The new smart home standard Matter has arrived. Here’s what you need to know. – The Verge

With this week’s announcement that the smart home standard Matter has finally launched and the possibility that we could see Matter devices arriving any day now, I wanted to round up answers to some of the most common questions I’ve heard in the last few days.

If you have no idea what Matter is, my explainer on Matter is the place to start. But if you have more specific questions, the answers should be here. If you just want to know what devices will work with Matter, we’ve covered that in another blog, which we’ll update as new products get announced.

There’s still a lot we don’t know about Matter, and we won’t know until we get Matter-enabled products in our homes and the apps and ecosystems are updated. But there are plenty of things we do know, as well as some stuff we can speculate on. 

Last week, I attended the CEDIA Expo, where I hosted a panel on Matter and interviewed representatives from Google, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), Yale, and Z-Wave, many of whom have been involved with Matter from the beginning. I posed these questions to them, as well as researched answers from published materials to help you understand what the launch of Matter means to your smart home today.   

Why do we need Matter?

Matter is a new language for smart home devices. Once your smart door lock can easily talk to your smart speaker or your smart light switch can communicate smoothly with your thermostat, the hope is that the connected home will become less complicated.

“Over the last 10 years, there has been an organic growth of the smart home that’s created a lot of challenges,” says Kevin Po of Google Nest. “One of those is that these devices can’t all speak the same language. With Matter, we have a chance to get them all talking the same language.” 

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