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The time when we will feel like our house is smarter than us is probably not that far away. With so many smart devices available to turn your house into a smart home that can do almost everything by itself except paying taxes, who knows, maybe this will happen soon as well. When we watched movies like Iron Man, we thought it would be cool to have such an AI like J.A.R.V.I.S. to control everything in our home. Of course, something like that would be extremely expensive, and not all of us are genius billionaires like Tony Stark. However, there are already some pretty good smart devices that can offer you a close experience. 

Smart devices have entered our life slowly in the beginning, and we didn’t give them big and complicated tasks. We started with robot vacuum cleaners that could do the cleaning when we were away or reach place we usually won’t be able to. Having such device to handle the dirty work excited us so much that many of us started thinking, “What’s next?”. Now you can just tell Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on or off the light without even leaving the comfort of your bed. And this is just the start. You can use such AIs for so much more, like ordering stuff for you, controlling your home’s temperature, checking what is happening even when you are away from home, and much more.

The number of smart devices in our homes constantly grows. Now not only our vacuum cleaners are smart, but our coffee machines, home security systems, air purifiers, and even ovens and air fryers. You can control many of those devices with voice control or an application. All those smart tools are connected to the Internet, and this is how they send you notifications, or control them. And with Alexa and Google Assistant, you can easily control other connected devices. Having a smart home that you can control from a distance and ensuring that your room is warm before coming home in winter or your coffee is ready at the exact time in the morning is no longer a dream. Let’s look over some cool, smart home devices for 2022 that can make it even better.

What are the best smart home devices?

What is the best smart home device for you will highly depend on what you want to achieve with it. However, we listed a couple that we really love.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

You are probably very familiar with Amazon devices like the Echo Dot. This is the latest generation of Amazon Echo Dot, and as the name suggests, it is with a built-in LED clock. This new version offers you even more functionalities to make your life easier and your home smarter. When it comes to the device’s design, it is very simple and modern so that you can put it almost anywhere in your home, and it will still look pretty. 

The display can be set as you wish – either show the time, temperature, timer, or nothing at all. You shouldn’t worry that the clock will disturb you a lot at night or when the light around you is not that much because the device has an ambient sensor. The Amazon Echo Dot can control any other connected device with the help of Alexa. So, small tasks like creating a shopping list, ordering from Amazon …….



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