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If you have never heard of the tech company Sevenhugs, it might be because their product line isn’t very extensive—it consists of two remote controls and only two remote controls. However, in just over two years since they first launched their original Sevenhugs Smart Remote X on Kickstarter, the company has become a major player in the home entertainment world. Tech experts love them and so do consumers. In fact, when it was first launched, Digital Trends dubbed it “a magic wand for your smart home.”

First, what is the difference between a smart remote and a universal remote?

Universal remote controls have been around for quite some time. They control everything in your home entertainment system, from your DVD player and TV to speakers and DVR. What’s great about universal remotes is that they usually work with any and every brand and model, eliminating the need for a drawer full of remotes.

A smart remote is next-level technology, and the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X is the first of its kind. Not only does it control your home entertainment system, but can also be programmed to work with other smart home devices, such as smart plugs or lights. It also features some pretty incredible technology unavailable in any other remotes.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote X vs Sevenhugs Smart Remote U

Sevenhugs offers two models, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X and the Sevenhugs Smart Remote U. The X runs about $100 more than the U. The only difference between the two models is that the X features Point Mode technology (more on that below) and comes with three indoor positioning sensors to enable this feature.

What is so “magical” about the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X?

According to Burton Kelso, a tech expert, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote X is great because of its ability to work with thousands of other smart home devices. “It means that you can purchase the smart home products that you want and have a remote that will work with all of them,” he explains. Usually, with smart home devices, you have to stick with a particular brand to ensure that all of your devices will work together, for example, if you have an Amazon hub, you have to purchase devices that work with Amazon. Same thing with Google, if you have Google as your hub then you have to purchase smart home devices that work only with Google. But not with the Sevenhugs.

The other thing he likes is that with this universal control, you don’t have to worry about Amazon or Google tracking what things that you do in your smart home—and these 14 creepy things Google knows about you are just the tip of the iceberg.

Another plus: Because universal remotes control everything, they can be super complicated to set up and even more challenging to figure out. But according to experts and many reviewers, the Sevenhugs Smart Remote is incredibly user-friendly, even for those who aren’t exactly tech-savvy. “Sevenhugs’ goal is to simplify the modern home and make the technology that surrounds us more accessible and enjoyable by all,” John Michael Hauer, head of marketing at Sevenhugs explains to Reader’s Digest. “The remote is designed so that anybody can pick it up and intuitively know how to control various devices. We’re able to provide this experience …….



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