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Since Siri has household command limitations, several iOS users are using Amazon Alexa on their iPhones to operate numerous smart home devices.

For those who still do not have the iPhone Alexa app, there is an easy way to get it.

Amazon Alexa on iPhone

The Cupertino-based technology company utilizes Siri on iPhones and iPads. Meanwhile, Android users uses Google Assistant on their phones. Aside from these virtual assistants, the American multinational company Amazon offers a variety of Alexa-enabled smart speakers and displays.

Screen Rant added that these AI assistants may be quite beneficial for anybody who wants to check the weather or control their smart home gadgets. In relation to this, some of these assistants, like all things in life, are better than others.

There are some things Google Assistant excels at, but Siri and Alexa each have its own specialties. While some iOS users believe that they are restricted to utilizing Siri only, it should be noted that they can also use Amazon Alexa on their iPhone to operate any smart home device.

For those who want to try using Alexa on iPhone, Screen Rant shared a simple way to get Amazon Alexa for iPhone.

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1 Way to Get iPhone Alexa App

According to the Amazon Alexa app on App Store, iOS users can command Alexa-enabled devices, control music playing, see shopping lists on the go, keep track of forthcoming reminders, check on active timers and more.

When iPhone owners enable Alexa’s hands-free mode, they may speak with the virtual assistant by just saying “Alexa” while the app is open on the iPhone.

“The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary and personal preferences,” the iPhone Alexa app description continued.

To have the said app, the simple step is to search “Amazon Alexa” on the App Store. Once located, iOS users must tap the “Download” button to get the free Alexa app. After the app was installed, open it then sign in with a respective Amazon account.

How to Use Amazon Alexa App

To use the app, tap the blue Alexa symbol at the top of the screen to return to the Alexa app’s home page. To issue a voice command or an inquiry, simply press the blue icon.

Surprisingly, iOS users can also send Alexa a command text message instead of using voice commands. To do so, tap the keyboard symbol in the top-left corner of the screen from the Alexa app’s home page.

By doing this, it leads users to a website where they can enter inquiries and commands for Alexa, which is useful in instances when they cannot talk to the assistant.

Will Alexa Replace Siri?

According to Cnet, some functions are exclusively available to Siri, such as adjusting the brightness of an iPhone screen, turning on the do not disturb mode and more. A third-party assistant cannot do anything that modifies the settings of the iPhone or iPad.

However, Alexa can do a lot more than Siri, especially for those newly bought smart home gadgets that are HomeKit compatible.

For instance, Siri cannot operate smart plugs, doorbell cameras and a variety of other devices, but Alexa can. This only means that both virtual assistants offer …….

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