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Smart homes are becoming quite a craze these days! And honestly, who wouldn’t want a home powered by smart appliances that make your lives a whole lot easier, and do most of your tasks for you. Whether it’s cleaning appliances to help you effortlessly complete your chores, smart lights to perfectly control the illumination in your home, or thermostats to maintain the optimum temperature at all times – the right set of appliances can truly create the ultimate smart home for you. From a Google Nest Ceiling fan that ties together all your smart devices to a smart speaker that keeps track of your face at home – these innovative home appliances are all you need to create a living space that is futuristic, tech-enhanced, and an absolute pleasure to live in. Are you ready to build the smart home of your dreams?!

1. The Google Nest Ceiling Fan

Just like our appliances, ceiling fans have also received smart treatment in the past. The Nest Ceiling fan is a productive and more interesting take on the other smart fans that can only be turned on and off through a smart assistant. This new adaptation of a ceiling fan designed for the Google Nest lineup has been conceived as an all-in-one smart hub that would tie up all the smart products you have spread across each room in the house. The compact and stylish two-fin fan with an omnidirectional speaker, smart light bulb, sensors for the thermostat, and a smoke detector and alarm will replace each of the mentioned devices for good and leave you with a single contact point to create an interesting smart home setup.

2. Ember

Spurred by the recent trend toward midcentury-modern design styles, Koleda designed Ember to be subtly elegant with a bronze velodrome-style trim and stainless steel grille. The tastefully subdued appeal of Ember allows it to fit into any living area, from a boho minimalist-style bedroom to a living room filled with Bauhaus aesthetics. The versatile nature of Ember even moves past its looks to pack a lot of punch into such a compact build. Equipped with a heating capacity of 1’200 Watts, Ember can heat up to 215 feet with ease. Inside Ember’s cylindrical center, a ceramic heating element kickstarts the job by evenly distributing instant heat via a silent and powerful built-in fan.

3. Kano Sense

Designer Sam Beaney created Kano Sense, a universal smart home device that uses computer vision to convert everyday objects into smart home outputs. A gleaming one-way mirror lens and soft wooden frame give Kano Sense a heavy and familiar look. Kano Sense takes the shape of common smart capsules similar to earlier generations of the Amazon Alexa and Echo and contains embedded smart computer vision that analyzes everyday appliances like ovens and even ceramic mugs to turn interactions with them into smart outputs.

4. The Soove

The Soove doesn’t look like your typical smart speaker aside from its conical shape and the customary use of fabric that wraps around the product. It has an odd collar-like ring near the top, actually a sound cone that makes it more sensitive to almost every audio nuance around it. The most eye-catching part of the design, however, is the black glass ball on top and the two eyes that seem to be looking back at you and express some emotions by changing the eyes’ shape. In addition to …….



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