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In the summer of 2020, The average price of electricity in Spain was 31.55 euros MWh, so the increase in 2021 compared to 2020 was 248.65% a few months ago. In other words: that price that we reached in the summer of 2021 tripled the one registered exactly one year ago, according to OMIE data that we have seen in by Europa Press.

An unaffordable price of electricity in Spain

But it is that the thing continues, and new records are broken regarding the price of the MWH, because today it is not that we have exceeded 400 euros, but that we have exceeded 500 € a lot. Today, the KW / hour has been paid at the most expensive time of the day at 0.5368, that is, € 536 per MWH, a 50% price increase in less than 6 months. It is something unacceptable, unacceptable, unthinkable and unspeakable, it seems that since the Government does nothing, it is up to the user to take measures to try to reduce this crazy electricity bill.

According to the OCU, a good part of what you pay on your bill “It is the fixed term that you pay based on the contracted power. If you want to cut the electricity bill, the first step is to check what power you have contracted and see if it is really what you need ”. How can you know without paying more power than you need for your habits? If you never miss the ICP (power control switch) that the new meters already have integrated to check that you do not use more power than you have contracted, it is likely that you can contract a little less power … and scratch a few euros on your bill.

The good thing is that the new meters allow you to know what are the power peaks that the meter has registered during the last 12 months. If you register on the Datadis platform that the distributors have created, you will be able to easily access this data.

Tips to lower the electricity bill: how to save electricity at home and electricity

The three sections

As of June 2021, consumers with less than 15 kW contracted could no longer choose a tariff, which resulted in the imposition on all households of rates with 3 time sections: Punta, Llano and Valle. Knowing the schedules to concentrate consumption in the cheapest hours or at least avoid peak hours, is essential to obtain good savings.

The off-peak hours will be limited on weekdays from 0 to 8 hours, but in exchange for the weekend we can count 24 hours a day as off-peak hours. From 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays the prices will be more expensive: better to avoid it. With this application for Android it is possible to know the exact price of Kw / hour at every moment of the day and act accordingly.

Efficient use

  • Using electrical appliances well not only lengthens their life, with consequent savings, but also reduces energy consumption.
  • Choose the programs that work at low temperatures (when heating the water is when they consume the most): the ECO programs of the dishwasher, or washing clothes at 40º C translates into a 40% saving in light.
  • Watch where you install the refrigerator and freezer: take good care of where it is placed (away from heat sources, with plenty of space around it), do not put …….



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